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Jan 10, 2012 11:17 AM

Fresh Market in Scarsdale?


Just found this today. Has anyone ever been to a Fresh Market? It looks a little like a Fairway sort of store.

  1. The Fresh Market in Montvale has shown up a couple of times. In general, I'd say that it''s a little more chichi and pricey than Fairway.

    1. I checked it out last weekend. It looked like a nice local little place to pick up dinner items w/o having to go to White Plains or Yonkers. Prices seemed about the same as Whole foods- didnt look like it concentrated on organics to be fair. The clerk said to check out specials online, and on Tuesdays. Meat counter looked nice, and the prepared foods looked good for a quick pick up. Nice looking Rotisserie items, I'll have to try next time I step in. coffee samples were a nice touch on a snowey afternoon, when I went in.

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