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Bloody Marys

Looking for The Best in the greater NO area. Im a "traditionalist" for whatever its worth (quality tomato juice, horseradish, Worcestershire, splash of lemon and a definite kick of hot pepper) but this is an arena that thrives on variation so subjectivity is highly encouraged in your recommendations (I also have enjoyed Bloodies with wasabe, clam juice, even pureed rhubarb). The only thing I dont appreciate is the 80% ice Bloody Mary that Im sure we've all encountered at one time or another. Im not a big fan of paying $12 for 3 ounces of tomato juice and bad vodka in a pint glass full of melting ice.

And extra points if the place also serves some decent raw oysters to accompany said Bloody...

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  1. Make your own at the Atchafalaya Cafe brunch BM bar. Sazerac Bar makes their own BM mix. Also try the Carousel Bar and Bombay Club.

    I don't usually drink BM's but wife and daughter (ex bartender) are experts and above are some of their local favorites.

    1. No raw oysters, but the bloody Mary at Martinique's Sunday brunch is very good.

      1. you could belly up to the bar at Mr. B's for their lunch special prices.

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          This is exactly what we did Xmas week. $1.50 bloody marys and asked for vodka and tomato juice and worchestshire, hot sauce celery salt and lime on the side and mixed our own. The bartenders were fine with it.

        2. forgot to suggest J'Anitas at Rendon Inn. they recently did a bloody w/a bacon strip and jalepeno.

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              sadly, yes. both locations. however, Rendon Inn is still open, so they may still do the Bacon Bloody.

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              Bar Tonique does a fresh BM mde with a whole tomato and bacon vodka.

            3. I had the pleasure of going to brunch at The Country Club last Sunday and had one of the best Bloody Mary's I've ever had. They make their own mix and it's beautifully balanced. As a bonus we got to enjoy the Drag Brunch. All in good taste. We had a blast.

              1. Is this a second, very recent Bloody Mary thread?

                The reason that I ask, is because I had commented on one, with my choice - The Carousel Bar, at the Hotel Monteleone, and their version, but I do not see it here.

                Heck, cannot imagine the CH Team killing my post, as it did not address dining attire, or anything like "older restaurants in NOLA."


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                  Bill, there were several, as someone resurrected some old ghosts. If you dig deeper, you'll likely find the other threads.

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                    Thank you. I had poked about, with a new tab on CH, but could not find the one, that I had most recently replied to. Probably a "zombie," so I should not harbor any grudge against the CH Team, as they might not have deleted my post - it's just in an older thread, that is pages down in my profile.

                    Appreciated, and I still like The Carousel Bar's version, with the pickled string beans!


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                      iirc, it was the restaurant/bar itself that was doing the resurrecting and self-promoting their version of the best bloody, thus CH likely deleted their posts and put the zombie back in its proper place.

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                        Ah, had never thought of that.



                2. the new Saint hotel bar on canal serves their BM with an oyster in it. tho it was pretty heavy on the slushy-style ice.

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                    Sounds fishy. Happy Krewe du Vieux.