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Jan 10, 2012 10:29 AM

La Mexicana 3 - Pontiac / Auburn Hills, MI

I've been eating at this place 2-3 times a month for the past couple of years, so thought it about time I did a write-up on it.
For me, this is the best taco place around, but I'll admit to not trying all that many places.
La Mexicana 3 is located in a strip mall on North Perry, just south of Pontiac Road (next to a Secretary of State office).
I'm not really sure if this is Pontiac or Auburn Hills, probably Pontiac.

I almost always order three tacos (pastor, carne, chorizo = pork, steak, sausage). They also offer chicken and beef tongue tacos.
Sometimes I'll also get a chile relleno.

The tacos, to me, are "done right."
They come with the meat, onions and cilantro, on a double corn tortilla. Slices of lemon on the side. Also a red sauce and a green sauce on the side.
Todays steak taco was a bit grizzly. The pork was excellent, and the chorizo is always my favorite - not overly spicy, just a little spicy.
Every table gets a basket of chips, and some homemade salsa. The salsa is a bit spicy, probably medium or just above medium on most scales, and includes tomato, chunks of onion, jalapeno, and cilantro.

Give this place a try if you are in the area.

The attached super mercado is full of mexican food ingredients, and the meat counter has tripe, feet, etc.

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  1. Nice write up and I love the pics. Thanks Markcron! Don't feel short changed if I try to get away with a "+1" affirmation after I (soon) try it. :-)

    1. Looks and sounds like they have cleaned the place since I last stepped foot in there about five years ago. It used to be really dirty in there, and more than a few times we spotted bugs crawling around the kitchen area. I'll make a stop in this week to give them another chance. Carnival Market has been getting my dollars and is even closer to my office.

      1. They have another location at Telegraph and Dixie. On weekends the pull out the BBQ and smoke meats at the Perry location. I love me Carnival market!!! They hook me up all the time...amazing salsas. They have special menus on the weekend too.