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Jan 10, 2012 10:23 AM

suggestions for Mom's Night Out Dinner

Looking for a restuarant for 3 thirty-something ladies for a mom's night out dinner. We love good food, but don't get out much these days, so curious about any new places we should try. One idea is Haddingtons (is that place too quiet/romantic, more for date night?). Another idea was Contigo, but i think the weather might be too chili tomorrow. Some place fun with great food, anywhere within 5 or so miles of downtown is fine too. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Haddington's would be fine. Its not really a date night atmosphere, more a gastropub.

    I'm also going to throw in Parkside, Barley Swine in to the mix.

    1. Haddington's is perfectly fine. I might also throw in Fabi & Rosi. Love the muscles. Ask for a corner table, though, or you might end up on the "community benches" (I really wish that trend would end a horrible death).

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        I like the commuity bench at upper crust, nut that's the only one. Still better than ending up in the "goon room" (that room off to the side that's not as nice as in the main dining room of a restaurant).

        I haven't been to Haddingtons.

      2. Haddington's is cool; W 6th is full of thirty-somethings, and it's really a what-you-make-of-it kind of place. Like Fabi + Rosi, but that is a date place to me. Contigo has a tent and heaters should it be too chilly; was there on a cold night recently, and it was cozy and the food was over-salted. Barley Swine's cool, but I hate waiting, also the price point's slightly above what it should be. I'd nominate Second Bar and Kitchen as another possibility. Their wine list (which I think is the point of mom's night out) destroys every other restaurant on this list. And while I think of it as a bit of a date place, Justine's has the best mussels in town right now.

        1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! We ended up at East Side Showroom, and that place fit the bill perfectly! We all had good food, the atmosphere was lively (2 musicians playing live, but not crazy loud), and an awesome cocktail menu. Really enjoyed that place!