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Jan 10, 2012 10:10 AM

Mexican family restaurant coming to Malden?

A new Mexican restaurant is in the works for the space near the Malden Center T stop previously held by Montebello and Artichokes before that (2 Florence St.) The poster in the window says "Bienvenidos Amigos" and says "Mexican Family Restaurant Coming Soon."

My online search came up empty--has anyone heard anything about it like the name or credentials? After the Agave/Dockside fiasco, I don't want to get my hopes up, but even decent Tex-Mex would be welcome.

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  1. I have a bit of info on it and am actually writing about it now. The place is going to be called Guadalajara Mexican Grill and Bar and it will be opening this spring (I don't know much else about the place at this point).

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      Wow! Thanks, hiddenboston, that was quick.

      A bit of reading of the menu seems to reveal a strong connection to Mexico Lindo in Melrose. The pdf menu is actual ML's and the main menu pages are pretty much identical.

      A Mexico Lindo closer to home? Bueno!

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        Wow! Talk about investigative reporting! :-)

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            I'm bumping this thread to ask if anyone has any news on an opening for this place. The inside looks ready. Tables and chairs are in place. The website still says "spring."

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              I wish I did...I drive by every week or so, peeking into their windows and wondering what's happening.

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                It's open! This morning I saw that Guadalajara Grill has has a Grand Opening banner in front of the restaurant.

    2. Guadalajara Mexican Grill and Bar got a nice writeup in today's Boston Globe so I decided to visit for lunch. Beautiful interior, nice colors and solid furniture. The homemade chips was delicious as was the salsa, really tasty. I tried the Beef Fajitas that are served on a bed of green pepper and onions. Comes with Rice and Refried Beans, Pico de Gallo and a good sized dollop of Guacamole. The beef needed seasoning and was mostly overcooked even after I tried to rescue it from the bottom of the dish. Everything else was fine. I liked the refried beans but then I like them out of a can as well. I'll be back to try more of the menu. Parking is a problem but the do validate for up to two hours in the nearby parking garages.


      1. Went back to Guadalajara Grill in Malden today for some more Mexican food and some more of that excellent salsa and chips. I had the Chili Verde and it's just a simple dish, one of the few pork dishes on the menu, but executed nicely here. Tender juicy pork in a green chili that had a nice acidity from the tomatillos. Lots of food! This is such a nice place, to bad the parking is terrible but if you are lucky there is street parking nearby and they also validate for up to two hours.


        1. We went there tonight with the kids for an early dinner. We also liked the chips and salsa, the server brought us one bowl of spicy salsa and one that was mild. Both were tasty.

          My hubby had a small combo plate with a cheese enchilada and a chile relleno. He liked both items. My one time at Mexico Lindo in Melrose, my DC ordered a chile relleno as a side order. It was a HUGE pepper, completely smothered in cheese; my DC couldn't eat it, it just was not good. The chile relleno on my huuby's plate bore no resemblance - it was a normal-sized chili, stuffed with a nice amount of cheese, dipped in an egg batter and fried.

          I had the tacos al pastor, three soft tacos filled with small bites of seasoned pork. I'd say that the heat level was medium. The corn tortillas had been dipped in a sauce and lightly cooked (fried?); it was tasty.

          We ordered off the kids' menu for the little ones. Both the chicken burrito and chicken enchilada were stuffed with simply seasoned, shredded chicken breast, that was not overcooked or dry. I tasted the enchilada sauce and liked it - a little smoky, a litle sweet, tomato-y but not so that it overpowered the chili flavor.

          We parked at in the lot on Florence Street. When we pulled in the attendant asked where we were going, and when we told him he just waved us in & didn't give us a ticket. So I'm guessing that's the lot that the restaurant will validate for?

          Overall, we were quite happy & will return. (Unless we get distracted by the food trucks across the street - Biryani Park was there tonight and it was a tough call).

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          1. re: gimlis1mum

            This is really exciting. We live in Melrose and Mexico Lindo is within walking distance but, after trying it many times, I just don't think it is good. Maybe I lived in Arizona too long. Any sense on whether they do take out? I would much rather eat in but I am not sure I can make that work tonight.

            1. re: drbangha

              I saw one takeout order at lunch yesterday.

          2. Thanks for the update. Also live in Melrose and think Mexico Lindo has gone downhill over the past few years. Looking for alternatives (besides the Tres Amigos in Stoneham).

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              Just re-reading this post from the top. Do we still think Guad and ML are related?

              1. re: drbangha

                According to this Globe article, Guadalajara and Mexico Lindo are sister restaurants:


                I admit that connection keeps me from exploring the Guadalajara Grill.

              2. re: jhanaw

                jh, well, i must thank you and the other warning voices. Itaunas had directed me- a few yrs ago- to MexLindo (but ONLY for the carne asada he stressed) and I was going to try to finally get there. Guess I won't be doing that now (unless you or drb or ferrari or wgirl---tells me the carne asada is good.

                As it is,we go to la Verdad's cafe part for a torta or taco meal, and then we buy a doz. of their hand made corn tortillas and a container of their fantastic carne asada and chipotle aioli, and make our own at home later in the week. But hey, what about the new place in Medford Sq.- have you tried it? Tenoch:


                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  We got take out from Tenoch earlier this summer and had a delightful lunchtime gorge-fest with a group of friends. I didn't do the ordering but I think, basically, at least one of "everything" was acquired. It was very good. Not especially complicated but very clean, fresh, well made food.