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Jan 10, 2012 09:51 AM

White induction ranges?

I am looking to upgrade our smoothtop ceramic slide-in range to induction (running gas to our house will cost several thousands of dollars plus the cost of a gas range!). The issue that I'm running into is that all of our appliances (and cabinets, etc) are white (and I'd like to keep it that way!). The only induction range that I'm finding is a $5000 Viking. Frankly, there is no way I can sell my husband on a range that's worth almost as much as my car and realistically, it's way overkill for the house/neighborhood.

Do any other manufacturers sell white induction ranges that are the slide-in style?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Your best bet might be a cooktop over an undercounter oven if you want white and induction. Look at Electrolux, GE, and KitchenAid. If you buy a cooktop and oven from the same manufacturer, chances are better that they will fit one over the other.

      1. We would have liked a white induction cooktop as well to go with our white countertops. It seems the induction makers all think they're going to be installed on granite surfaces hence the black.

        We don't care for dark surfaces in our kitchen so we went with white Corian. We went with a black induction unit anyway on them and it doesn't look out of place.

        If you're unsure, take a picture of your kitchen and edit to the photo to color the cooktop black and see if you really don't like it. Or just get a piece of black paper cut to size and put it there.

        Good luck


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          All of our other appliances are white, the microwave over the stove is white, the cabinets are white, and the counter is that beigey blacky granite that everyone seems to have.

          I don't want to put a cooktop in and a separate oven as that will involve modifying our cabinets and cost dramatically more than just a range. I'm not so much concerned with the surface of the range being white (although I'd prefer it - our smoothtop range is white now and looks great when it's clean!) but with the face and remainder of the appliance looking like it "fits" in the kitchen. We have NO stainless anywhere in the kitchen and the only black appliance is the espresso machine which is on the other side of the kitchen.

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            Sorry, misunderstood.

            good luck


          1. I don't know what is available in the US, but in Europe Siemens do a silver induction hob - maybe they do ranges too?
            Silver isn't standard though - I had to get one shipped from Germany to the UK - and the first 2 broke en route.

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            1. re: Peg

              Hi Peg -

              You beat me to it.

              In addition to the Silver Siemens unit Peg ordered, and a few seen in Asia, there is also an induction cooktop made to look like Ubatuba granite itself.

              Unlike a standard gas or electric cooktop, induction units don't require as much cleaning, especially if you keep the pots and pans stable, avoid boil-overs and sauce burns, and use paper towels.

              The Jenn-Aire gas cooktop we owned when I was working in California looked great when we bought it ( why was it so discounted ? ) until we found we had to scour clean it after each meal ( Ah-ha, that was why ). That unit was replaced with a gas Gaggennau unit in black, for the obvious reason.

              So this should be avoided with a white or silver induction cooktop, which perhaps Peg will let us see in time with a few photos.

              I have seen one of the Ubatuba models and the concept is great. We didn't purchase it as we have dark black granite on the countertop, and the black induction cooktop was fine in that combination.

              Please keep in mind that these are usually European 220-240v models, and if ordering, one has to make allowances for such electrical mains additions.