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Jan 10, 2012 09:22 AM

Honey nougat/torrone - where to find?

Hi all -- I'm looking for traditional nougat/torrone sweetened only with honey. Has anyone come across this?

I'm particularly excited about finding the Provence style made with lavender honey, but am open to any.

Thanks! This stuff appears hard to find.

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  1. You might give Pasta Shop a call. They carry lots of interesting foodstuffs including torrone.

    1. Spanish Table has a fairly large selection. Not sure about 100% honey.

      1. a very long time ago, I bought the style made with lavender honey at a Whole Foods.

        1. Too much extra junk?
          Delaviuda Crunchy Almond Turron
          Quantity Ingredients: Almonds (63%), honey (18.7%), sugar, wafer (potato starch, sunflower oil), and egg white.
          Spanish Table.

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            Thanks! Yeah, I'm looking for some without refined sugar or corn syrup. Years ago I had some that were just honey, and insanely flavorful and delicious.

          2. Not sure if it is 100% honey, but they have this treat at A.G. Ferrari and it is from a small town in Italy. About as authentic as you are going to get. It is expensive. I bought some as a gift last month. I don't remember what it cost, but I do remember being shocked by the price (not uncommon in that store).

            They have locations at 468 Castro, 3490 Californa (Laurel Village), 688 Mission at 3rd Street, and also in Oakland, Berkeley, Piedmont, and Corte Madera.

            The people who work there seemed to be trained to "talk up" the products, so if you call I am sure they will be happy to tell you all about their torrone and its ingredients.

            Years ago there was a very crunchy version of this treat at that store - individually wrapped pieces - that were covered in chocolate. I loved them but never saw that variety there again.

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              Okay thank you! I'll report back on if they have it.