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Jan 10, 2012 09:16 AM

Barcelona Critique?


I was wondering if anyone would be able to critique this itinerary for me? We are staying near La Sagrada Familia and I am going with 6 other people. I also added other details so other people can get ideas from my itinerary.

Jan 27. Friday:
Lunch around Sagrada Familia (Restaurant Sant Joan? Do we need reservations?)
Sagrada Familia
Bus #50 from Sagrada Familia to Montjulic area
Cinc Sentits for dinner (reservation still needed)

Jan 28. Saturday:
Breakfast at La Boqueria
Hot chocolate at Granja M. Viade
Stroll Las Ramblas
Lunch at Can Majo
Water front walking tour (download Barcelona tripadvisor app for a guide on walking tours)
Dinner: Tapas Crawl in El Born area (Sagradi, La Vinya del Senyor, Euskal Etxea, Tapeo, El Xampanyet, La Tinaja, Bubo for dessert)

Jan 29. Sun
Breakfast: Tapa C24
Gothic Quarter and Old town tour (12PM sardana dances) [Tripadvisor app]
Lunch: La Paradeta
Picassa Museum
Dinner: Montiel (confirmed)

Jan 30. Mon (most museums closed)
Breakfast (unsure/return to La Boqueria? This time El Quim de la Boqueria)
Park Guell
Lunch: Alkimia (confirmed)
Antonio Gaudi tour (self guided)
Dinner: Tapas Crawl (Cal Pep and try other that we missed on other tapas crawl)? Or should we try another area? Would someone be able to suggest another area with a few tapas restaurants that are close to each other? We wanted to go where the locals go if that is possible.

Jan 31. Tues
Breakfast (Tapas at Cal Pep?)
Explore more areas of Barcelona
Lunch (Libentia?) Do we need reservations?

GrĂ cies! :)

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  1. Since this is site is food related, I'll skip on the travel and sightseeing logistics and stick with places to eat.
    Sant Joan does not take reservations. Get there around noon and wait for it to open. That is the safest way to accommodate 7 people.
    Libentia is small and definitely should reserve for your party.
    The kiosks in the Boqueria are good for breakfast. Make sure you get there early because they are all very small counter places with about 10 stools. Fitting a party of 7 without some standup will take some doing. It is mob Saturday mornings. Breakfast is not a big thing with locals, therefore, not many places serve a complicated breakfast. Tapac24 does. Otherwise, get into the local spirit, and take coffee and pastry at the local cafe. You won't have to keep backtracking to the Las Ramblas for the Boqueria. Eating a full breakfast, then lunch and dinner is a lot of food.
    Just one comment on the logistic for Tuesday: Breakfast at the Boqueria from your hotel, up to Parc Guell then to Alkimia is a very tight schedule. Get a real early start and taxi (need two for 7 people). For that day, I would skip breakfast at the Boqueria and take it in the numerous cafes near where you are staying at. There is a bar/kiosk at the Mercat Sagrada Familia for breakfast.
    Besides tapas crawl in El Born, other options are the Barri Gotic around Pl de Pi and Pl Sant Josep (avoid all the places on c/Ferran); the lower part of the Eixample around Ramblas de Catalunya/c. Arago (not quite as atmospheric but there are some good old places; skip the places right on Pg de Gracia). Another neighborhood away from centro is St. Gervais/Sarria (a wonderful winding neighborhood with younger and more toward the artistic). Locals are everywhere in Barcelona, the further away from the old quarter, one will find a little less.
    Cal Pep does not fit as part of a tapas crawl but a place for full meal. Unless you get there around 12:30 for lunch and around 7pm for evening to wait for it to open. Skip it if you see there are more than a dozen people already in line; unless your group plan to split up seating, getting 7 seats in a row in the counter is almost impossible. And definitely don't want to eat in the sit down back dining room. And NO breakfast serve as an option for Tuesday.

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    1. re: PBSF

      Hi PBSF.

      Thanks so much for your critique! I will also take all of your advice. :)


    2. Hae818,

      Tapas24 has NEVER been open on Sundays. Given the rest of your Sun plans, consider a jamon iberico bikini or pastry from Pasteleria Escriba on Las Ramblas instead.

      El Quim in the Boqueria is NOT open on Mondays. Nor is Bar Pinotxo. Monday is not the best day to eat at the bars there but if you really must, try Bar Central.

      I notice that you're using Tripadvisor for trip planning. It would be a good idea to post over there and ask about transportation logistics. For example, (1) going from the Sagrada Familia to Montjuic by bus is crossing town diagonally -- a waste of your precious time; (2) not all museums are closed on Mondays; and (3) Libentia (which I had orginally reserved but cancelled in favour of Manairo) is near the Sagrada Familia, so you might combine those two.

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      1. re: Aleta

        wow! Thanks for pointing those out. I will work on the logistics more.

        This has saved us from a few headaches while we are traveling. thank you!

        1. re: Aleta

          Actually, if breakfast is the plan, Monday is fine for Pinotxo. I ate there last Monday so I'm sure they're open. You're right that it's not the best day to go since they don't have much, if any, seafood besides bacalao. They'll have the usual breakfast stuff though.
          For lunch they do a good job with stewed dishes as well - ox tails, chicken with dried fruits, rabbit ribs with mushrooms, tripe - so there are plenty of good things to eat on Monday if that's what you're in the mood for.

            1. re: caganer


              That's very interesting and thanks for the point on Bar Pinotxo. I checked their website and yes, it includes Monday. However, I am sure that I went on a Monday over the summer and it was NOT open (my flight was on Tuesday). Perhaps they were having a problem with the kitchen that day.

          1. If you're stuck for a place for lunch or dinner, also consider Can Culleretes. Had a fantastic, down home, old school meal there (and of course, in a gorgeous, 300 year old restaurant) Can't highly recommend enough the canelones filled with Brandade de bacalao in a spinach and cheese sauce (or for that matter the 6 euro a pitcher killer sangria)