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Ideas for cooking with white truffle oil

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Received some white truffle oil of mediocre quality. Not terrible, just now what I'd prefer to use. Now the question is how to put it to best use. Since I also received some handmade pasta I'll be doing a pasta carbonara w/ and infusion of white truffle oil. Anyone have any other ideas how to maximize this ingredient?

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  1. Even of mediocre quality, you probably still don't want to waste it in cooking, since that kills whatever flavor there is. But perhaps you could use it as a traditional drizzle but with strongly flavored foods, so that the meal doesn't rest on its weak shoulders. Like perhaps a baked brie topped with sauteed mushrooms and a drizzle of truffle oil? A sausage and mushroom ragu? Maybe even a pizza?

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      I routinely use it on pizza, just a drizzle on top about a minute after the pie comes out of the oven. It's also good over grilled asparagus

    2. My favorite is used on a zucchini and pecorino salad. The recipe for it, and many others is here.


      1. How about drizzled on top of some softly scrambled eggs.

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          that's what i was going to suggest. eggs work well. also as a top of asparagus its pretty good. i haven't found much use for it either.

        2. I use my more mediocre truffle oil for either : 1) duxelles,I freeze them in ice cube trays or 2) I put a few drops in a zip lock bag with some pita chips or light flavored butter crackers to make "truffle crackers". I eat these with cheese and wine as apps a few nights per week.

          You don't need quality truffle oil for either of these applications.

          1. Great with roasted potatoes. and I cook with my truffle-infused olive oil, and it's great.

            1. Popcorn with parm and pepper(red, white, or black)

              1. Thanks everyone. It all sounds great. I'll definitely be doing the eggs and popcorn. My wife will freak for that popcorn recipe!

                1. Even mediocre truffle oil has an affinity with fish and shell fish. I make a compound butter with porcini and truffle oil that's wonderful with scallops or to top a simply grilled or sauteed fish fillet. Or I'll add it to a vinaigrette for a salad or vegetable, especially green beans, that I'm serving as an accompaniment to the fish.

                  1. Isn't one of the controversies of truffle oil the fact that it's not made with truffles but is rather scented with chemicals? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truffle_oil

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                      ah yes, Wiki... fact.... haha. you left out the word "most." Which means not all.

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                        I virtually never rely on Wikipedia as a reputable source although I posted the link for substantiation; this came up some time ago, possibly in the New York Times. And as far as "most" is concerned, note that the possible exceptions are "alleged," which is why I felt secure providing the link. Ah! Here's the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/16/din... .

                        I've bought both black and white truffle oil in the past. I really don't think there's "better" or "worse" quality. It's what it is: chemical.

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                          I use a natural, truffle-infused olive oil.

                    2. I love finishing a good wild mushroom soup with it. You can add it to pretty much anything with regular mushrooms to enhance the overall flavor such.