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Jan 10, 2012 08:57 AM

Tei An, Marquee Grill & The Chesterfield

I'll be in Dallas later this week & was wondering if the food is still good at Tei An? I'm not seeing much chatter about it lately.
I need to plan a special birthday dinner while in Dallas. What about Marquee Grill?
Also, has anyone been to The Chesterfield? Verdict?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. Tei-An and Marquee are my two favorites in Dallas, and I had a great time at Marquee for my birthday. Haven't been to The Chesterfield.

    I've seen no hint of Tei-An being off its game. Last time I was there, one of my dining companions ordered a dish I'd had in the past. It was visibly different, and I asked to taste it. It was significantly improved! This told me that despite the 5 stars, the chef isn't resting on his laurels but instead continuously improving. So go ...

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      Thanks, that's just what I wanted to know!

    2. Food's still good at Tei An and haven't heard anything about it going downhill. Definitely go.

      1. Chsterfield just opened but does a pretty fantastic job. The drinks are just as much the star as the food. Everything made in house.

        Marquee is especially good as are the cocktails. Try the 9 course tasting menu to see how this top chef thinks. The regular menu is fairly safe otherwise. Duck 3 ways is one of his signature dishes.