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Jan 10, 2012 08:14 AM

Nueske's bacon at The Meat House Cary

I just found that The Meat House in Cary (Kildaire Farm Road) carries Nueske's bacon. Since THM is a franchise, other locations may or may not carry the same items.

Nueske's is a limited distribution upscale slab bacon. The butcher will slice it to your preferred thickness and weight. The Cary location had applewood and cherrywood smoked varieties. I know Nueske's also makes a peppered that wasn't represented at the store when I went in.

I had read about Nueske's on various internet sites as a much-loved treat for bacon afficionados. So I gulped hard and ponied up the $10.99/pound (WHAT??!?) for the cherrywood variety. My impressions were quite favorable. It's a very lean bacon with a ton of flavor. I thought the cherrywood was just a touch sweet for my taste, but it still left a very pleasant mouth taste. And the aroma filling the house was delightful.

This is quite a different experience than the $3.50/pound grocery store specials. If you are a baconholic you might want to try it as a special treat.

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  1. Also available, for much, much less, at the Fresh Market. At least it is at the one in Apex. They also have Nueske's ham (I think) during the holidays.
    I like the meat house, but not sure it is worth the prices.

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      The Fresh Market in Raleigh (on Falls of Neuse) has, I believe, at least 2 varieties and has for years. That's where I always get it. When I last checked, their price was about $8/lb. So no need to overpay quite so badly to get the Nueske experience.

      Also, not nearly in the same category but, IMHO, a cut above regular supermarket is Neeses'. That's $5/ Food Lion. Very good for the price and it's local, too.