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Jan 10, 2012 07:57 AM

not cool whip.

hi all. I have been lurking chowhound for a long time, mostly coveting google results from these boards as they are typically the best. i'm a new -ish wife obsessed with cooking without the cream-ofs and packaged meal components. which is why I need your help!

(please forgive the capitalization and grammatical errors. i'm typing this from my phone.)

i love banana pudding. a lot. I recently found a recipe for "fancy" banana pudding that includes a graham crackers crust and i can't wait to try it. quite unfortunately, it mixes the pudding (which i will be.making from scratch) with two tubs of cool whip for volume and sweetness, i assume. i think that's a great idea, to make the pudding a bit more airy and luxurious I suppose. but.... i can't use cool whip. i can't.

i considered just whipping some cream, but I don't think that would survive the oven time or the refrigeration. i saw a suggestion of a chiffon for someone else looking for a cool whip sub--on this board actually-- but I have no idea how that works outside of cake. another option would be the homemade cool whip, but I don't have any dry milk. i suppose I could run and get some but i never use it. I have dry buttermilk.. would that work?

what is a good substitute for cool whip in this situation? thanks in advance for your ideas!

aleasa in southern ca

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  1. From your post, it looks like your recipe call for pudding the pudding in the oven after mixing in the cool whip? Is this correct? That doesn't sound right to me.
    I have made Paula Deen's " Not yo' Mama's Banana Pudding" and people have raved about it. It does call for cool whip but I think whipped cream can be used. It also calls for cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk. There is no baking in her recipe.

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      you're right... no oven time needed. whoops! so, you think regular whipped cream could last a day or two in the fridge? the recipe calls for mixing the pudding, some confectioners sugar and the cool whip before layering. i was afraid the whipped cream would collapse if not served right away. Thank you for responding! sometimes I just need a second pair of eyes.

    2. You can stabilize whipped cream in a variety of ways. Gelatin might be the most common, although I don't like the mouthfeel of that:

      I like to add mascarpone cheese to stabilize it. That said, I lighten pastry cream w/ whipped cream and don't bother stabilizing it for Boston Cream Pie. Just make sure it's beaten to stiff peaks. I think your recipe is along those lines.