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Jun 8, 2006 07:54 AM

Banh Mi in Pasadena/Arcadia?

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The post below reminded me that I've been meaning to ask if there are any worthy Banh Mi places north of my favorites in San Gabriel. I work in East Pasadena and sometimes there just isn't enough time to make it all the way to Baguette Express in the middle of the day


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  1. for a chain, lee's sandwiches isn't half bad:

    8779 East Valley Boulevard
    Rosemead, CA 91770

    1289 East Valley Boulevard
    Alhambra, CA 91801

    1. I really like the Vietnamese Ham version at Pho 79 on Garfield just south of Main in Alhambra. However, they do not put pate on them.

      1. Bumping up this old thread because I have the same question, and both answers here didn't really address the OP's question. I'll put more specific parameters on it.

        Looking for banh mi within 5 minutes drive (one way) of the 210, between Pasadena and Arcadia. We're headed to Santa Anita, and want to grab some sandwiches for lunch. But we're always running late, and we have bets to get down!

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          Abricott or Vietnam Kitchen.

          Bottom of the barrel stuff. Be forewarned. And you were.

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            there's a relatively new branch of lee's west of lake on colorado. but it;s bad. personally i would drive the extra 10 minutes round trip (total of 20 minutes) and hit some place like saigon at the corner of valley & san gabriel.

            it's not a banh mi, but i'm partial to the chicken hoagie at lees hoagie house (no relation) on colorado a couple of blocks west of sierra madre blvd. plus they have all these complimentary homemade pickles and you can take pretty much all you want to go. plus if you tell shahan your name, he will remember it the next time you come in even if it's 6 months later.

            or you can pick up a few of THE sandwich from roma deli on lake north of the freeway on lake. worry about fiber later.

            1. re: barryc

              Curious why the Lee's on Colorado is bad? Are all Lee's bad, or just that branch?

              Also: on the trip here I went to Vietnam Kitchen. As warned, it was pretty awful. Could Lee's be worse?

            2. re: jesstifer

              lees on colorado and lake
              bahn me che cali on colorado and hill

              1. re: jesstifer

                Pho-Licious in Arcadia actually does a really nice lemongrass beef banh mi. It's on Live Oak, though, so not really all that close to the 210.