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Jan 10, 2012 12:05 AM

Where can I find the best fried chicken in DFW? 15 mile radius of Irving would be great!

My father-in-law is coming to visit and would like some good fried chicken. I can not fry to save my life! So I'm looking for a great fried chicken joint. I live in Irving so anything in a 15 mile radius is good. Any suggestions? The only one I know about is Babe's. Thanks.

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  1. There may be others, but I know Babe's is hard to beat.

    1. You might want to give Henderson's a trial run before he comes (SEC BeltLine @ Northgate) I've only eaten here once and that was a few years ago - My take-away: expensive, but very good chicken, average sides, the condiments (pickles/peppers) were scant, extremely loud music (mid-afternoon). If i ever went back, I'd get the chicken to go and have my own condiments at home.

      All-in-all - I prefer Babes. Don't know where you are in Irving, but Arlington now has a location.

      1. Our favorite is Babes and they have multiple locations around the Metroplex. That would be my recommendation. If you want take out we like Chicken Express. It's not Babe's, but it is good.

        1. I find Babe's consistent with country style sides that are sure to please.

          If you want a different take then try They have a fried chicken that is smoked first then fried. I would not consider them classic fried chicken, but an interesting take for sure.

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            As long as the fried chicken is good I'm willing to drive a little bit. It doesn't need to be in Irving. The Ranch looks interesting. Definitely not the "hole in the wall" place that I like. I was hoping for a "mom and pop" place.

            1. re: Regina1983

              I generally would pref Babes in Carrollton on the square. The ranch was interesting though, has a chain feel, but interesting food.

          2. I say, just go to Babe's. You won't find better and, you won't be disappointed.