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Jan 9, 2012 08:24 PM

3 D's Title & on almost every night this week

I don't like the title, the host, or the show, so why is it that it is on almost every night of the week, at least 3 episodes. If it is not that is is Rachel Ray. I am disappointed and complaining about FN as it is they don't offer much variety anymore so I think I will just cancel my extended cable.

thank you

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  1. I liked DDD in the beginning, but it's played out and, you're right, apparently on all the time. And when it's not DDD, it's Chopped.


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      I think Chopped would be much improved is they'd bring Carson Kessler in to critique the contestant's outfits.

    2. Well, you're in luck because 3-D repeats are coming to an end. Unfortunately "Kitchen Impossible" is going to be the only thing in primetime for the next couple of days, and then "Chopped" after that. Food Network is not the only cable channel having these "marathons." They're all re-running old episodes like crazy and saving new episodes for February when sweeps start.

      1. Well, I think FN has just lost it's mojo. In the early days, FN was more than a novelty--it was an intriguing channel because there had never before been a network devoted entirely to food. Most of the shows were about cooking. The only "competition" show was "Ready, Set, Cook" with Cissy What's-her-name". The show was remarkably cheesy but entertaining. David Rosengarten's show was informative. You had Two Hot Tamales, the start of Emeril before all the "bamming" and just a decent mix of interesting shows. Over the years, it turned into the MTV of food--remember how MTV always played music videos and now it is vast wasteland garbage like Jersey Shore? Well...that is what happened to FN. DDD was fun when it started, but come on--how many times do you need to see reruns of this show?? How many reruns of chopped do you need to see???? Don't even get me started on shows like that celebrity contest with Ray and Feiri--or worst cook in america--or next food network star or all those friggin' cupcake shows. They really need to revamp the network. I've already sent in a letter to the powers-that-be at FN inquiring about the lack of good programming and received no answer.

        1. I too, am sick of 3 D's. But for a different reason. The food in most cases, is pretty unhealthy, and the portion sizes are insane is this day of obesity run rampant. I want my moneys worth when I eat out, but they are ridiculous. Drop the price, and serve healthy portions!! Like that is ever going to happen.

          1. why - because there are lot of people who don't share your likes and dislikes. All the networks give more air time to their most popular shows, whether that is Gold Rush on discovery, Ghost something or other on Travel, wedding dresses on learning, or Something bit me on Animal. It's not their fault, nor yours - its the fault of your neighbors and relatives who don't have sophisticated tastes like us. :)