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Jan 9, 2012 07:43 PM

Maryland Style Fried Chicken???

I was just telling a friend that I'll be heading down to MD l(Timonium) ater this month and looking forward to trying out some crabcakes. She told me that there is also a special kind of fried chicken down there as well. Can someone tell me more about it? Thank you!

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  1. It primarily exists outside of Maryland, puzzling us locals, though there are broiled chicken fundraising pits on the way to the beach. We, like the DC area, do have a couple of Peruvian-style "pollo a la brasa" rotisserie places, notably Chicken Rico on Eastern Ave. but not near Timonium. There's good Chinese in Timonium at Szechuan House, but it's kind of a suburban generic area. There's a crab place, Ocean Pride, but it's off-season and not the top of the crab heap. The Wegman's in Hunt Valley north of Timonium has various chicken forms including breaded fried chicken to eat there, and some crabcakes that haven't been discussed much.

    1. There's Maryland Fried Chicken in Florida. The one on Sample Road in Pompano Beach is really good. The story is here:

      The originator wanted to compete with "Kentucky" chicken. The link to Maryland was a marketing gimick to attract transplanted workers to the restaurant.

      1. The Maryland - Virginia region did have a certain style for frying chicken, which was chicken dredged in flour and then partially fried and then pan steamed, and served with a thin gravy made with the leftover frying fat. The chicken wasn't deep fried as would be the case further south.

        It results in a very moist fried chicken that still has a crispy skin. This approach has been called Maryland style fried chicken even though the honor should be shared with Virginia and Delaware as well.

        It's one of my favorite meals to eat and it's what I ask of my mother every time we return to Baltimore from our current overseas expat posting. Unfortunately for you it's very rare to find fried chicken prepared in this manner in restaurants as it's almost always only prepared in private homes. The one possible old-style restaurant in the Timonium vicinity that may have this type of fried chicken is the Peppermill, but don't forget to give your hair a blue rinse and buy a large Cadillac before you make your reservation. Arriving with a walker is a must do.

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          Peppermill was a godsend when my mom was not able to walk and we could roll right in from the covered car entrance, and the food was surprisingly good, like lambchops on par with Zorba's, cream of crab with a flagon of brandy and a very nice crab cake. I don't remember the chicken as any different than regular though.

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            There is a cooking method for chicken called broasting, which is basically fried chicken in a pressure cooker. This sounds a lot like MD fried chicken

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              Several of the Amish Markets in Maryland serve chicken in that style.

          2. There is a Chinese restaurant in St. Andrews, Scotland that lists Maryland Fried Chicken among their non Chinese options. I didn't get a chance to sample it.

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              Saw a sign in a hawker center in Penang Malaysia for "Deep Fried Maryland Chicken." I figured that since I didn't travel half-way around the world to eat Maryland food, I'd pass...:-)

            2. Here is the wiki on Chicken Maryland:


              The first I had ever heard of it was in a Tom Stoppard play, so I think it is somewhat recognized in the UK (at least in the 70s) as being a distinct dish.

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                Grew up in Maryland and the first time I saw "Maryland Fried Chicken" was on a menu in a seafood restaurant in Galway, Ireland. It was served with a slice of pineapple.

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                    Not according to, apparently. Madness. Utter madness.


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                      A chickenmaryland website. Too funny. I grew up on "cornflake chicken" similar to one of the recipes. Still a favorite.

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                    I saw the same thing when we went to Ireland and I actually ordered it. It tasted as awful as you would think it would.