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Jan 9, 2012 07:29 PM

Best Take-Out Pad Thai

Every year after the holidays I crave Asian food. Looking for the best take-out pad thai close to Lowry Hill / Kenwood / Uptown. Best I've found is far is ... surprisingly ... Kindho. Worst was Quang's (but that was my mistake, not getting a pho).

Where else should I go?!

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  1. There is a decent place in St. Paul near Macalester, called Pad Thai on Grand I think. I've had Pad Thai there a couple times, good stuff..not award winning or anything but hits the spot for a crave.

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      Supatra Thai Cuisine on Randolph and West Seventh offers a delicious Pad Thai that can easily be ordered to go. A word of caution however, unless you like it very very like REAL THAI spicy stay away from the number 3 and 4. I enjoy extremely spicy foods but ordered my Pad Thai at a heat level 4 and met my match. Very delicious however and some of the best Pad Thai in the cities IMHO.

    2. I have not made it here yet but it looks interesting Krungthep Thai , Eat street between 25th and 26th next to Pho 79

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        I'm intrigued by this place - having never heard of it before. Be sure to report back when you try it.

        Of the Thai places in Uptown, I like Tum Rup the best. But the family usually ends up going to Amazing Thailand since the kids like the food there. The Pad Thai is plentiful there and tasty, but I assume that it's not particularly authentic.

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          I have not had the Pad Thai here (and it was the one dish not loved by the Heavy Table review I read..., but I really enjoyed the Pad See Ew and Green Curry that I had for take-out from Krungthep. They were comparable in quality to those dishes at Bangkok Thai in St. Paul (same owners) and much closer to my house. :-)

      2. Western Deli, on Western Avenue in St. Paul, is a darling of this board but for good reason — their pad thai is delicious! Funny hours right now, though, only open until 6pm.

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          I think it's Asian Deli on Western, isn't it?

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            Have they cut back on their evening hours recently?

            We've gone there for dinner a good number of times in the past year and really liked it.

            We were usually the only people there though.

            On another thread, someone explained that this place does cooking for the residences nearby and other places. (If I'm remembering that correctly.) Which would explain how they are surviving without apparent customers.

            So what's the scoop with their hours? Is that expected to be temporary or permanent?

            Still open for lunch?

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              They are only open until 6 during the winter. I think she said they go back to 7 in March or May, but I don't recall which.

              Yes, they are still open for lunch.

              1. re: ssioff

                Thanks for the update. Maybe there's just less traffic in winter for them.

                Will be watching for the later hours again and will try them other times. We've liked it there.

          2. If we're only talking Pad Thai, I love it from True Thai on Franklin and it's fairly close and easy to get to. Some of their other dishes or just ok in my opinion, but I drive out of my way for their Pad Thai.

            Overall, i really like Roat Osha in Uptown...nice atmosphere, great happy hour, and overall solid thai food.

            I also like Amazing Thailand but for some reason i don't care for their Pad Thai. There is something off for might be the light pink hue....not sure. It doesn't really taste right to me. But I've enjoyed everything else I've had there.

            1. Thanks, all, for your opinions. I've had the paid thai at True Thai and didn't think it was that great (but I'll still go to that place to support it and hope the True Thai family gets the justice they deserve after the tragic loss of their chef). Amazing Thailand. Agreed, I don't like the tomato-ey aspect of their pad thai. But let me highly recommend their lunch buffet. An incredible array of really good fresh food for just under ten bucks. Thanks to those of you who brought up the place on Western. I've been meaning to get there.