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Twinkie In Trouble

I heard tonight on ABC World News that the Hostess Company, which I think is owned by Continental Bakery, is close to filling for bankruptcy, (probally chapter 7.) Somehow I don't think this is a sign of America's improving eating habits, (I'm Diabetic so I'm really not in a position to wave a finger.) I wonder how is Little Debby is doing?

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  1. It went into bankruptcy in 2004 and came out in 2009 but it was pretty shaky and has remained so (obviously).

    1. I think I've been personally keeping Twinkie's solvent for a while now.

      1. Nothing to do with their products, the unions dried them up.

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          Their sales seem to be fine, their cost structure sucks, be it the unions' fault or otherwise. They can't afford to sell at current prices because their costs have increased, but raising prices will result in lower sales.

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            Price of sugar and flour have risen in recent years. If hydrogenated oils were to increase in price as well, Twinkies might just be wiped off the face of the earth entirely.

        2. I have been meaning to try French Toast Twinkies. Guess I should do before it's too late!

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            Somewhere on chowhound a month or so ago there was a piece about stuffing the turkey with Twinkies.

          2. Can't you just hear the healthy food munchkins singing:

            "Ding-dong the Twinkies' Dead. Ho-ho Ho-ho!"

            1. George Jefferson: Twinkies= "White folks Soul Food'.

              1. Not again.... This happened a few year back.

                *Edited* Most likely someone will buy it out.

                1. I do like their Orange Flavored CupCakes, I will be sad and miss them

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                    They're not going out of business.

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                      The orange flavored cupcakes are my favorite road food treat. Every gas station convenience store seems to have them.