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Jan 9, 2012 06:54 PM

Kam Yan Jen cured pork - Can someone translate Chinese for me?

I have some Kam Yan Jen cured pork. Trying to learn good ways to cook it. Braise? Stir-fry? Steam? Combination?

The following recipe is available on the company's website. The google translation doesn't make sense -- can someone translate this please?

Stir=fried sweet peas with cured pork

金然棧臘肉 半條 (蒸熟、切片)
荷蘭豆 4 安士 (摘去頭部、洗淨)
鮮冬菇 4 朵 (一開二)


放 1 湯匙油爆炒臘肉片及荷蘭豆及鮮冬菇。
贊酒 1 湯匙,鹽 1/2 茶匙。


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  1. Try this - not perfect, but best I can do on a late monday night while watching the BCS title game.


    材料: = ingredients
    金然棧臘肉 半條 (蒸熟、切片) = sliced pork
    荷蘭豆 4 安士 (摘去頭部、洗淨) = 4 ounces of snow peas
    鮮冬菇 4 朵 (一開二) = 4 fresh mushrooms

    做法: = how to prepare
    放 1 湯匙油爆炒臘肉片及荷蘭豆及鮮冬菇。= use 1 tablespoon of oil, heated, to stir fry the snow peas, bacon and mushrooms
    贊酒 1 湯匙,鹽 1/2 茶匙。= add 1 tablespoon of wine and 1/2 teaspoon of sugar
    快炒數下即可上碟。 = stir fry quickly and then serve

    本食譜由黃淑儀提供 = [acknowledgement of the recipe's author]

    1. Which one do you have again?

      Stir=fried sweet peas with cured pork"

      Reasonable translation -


      金然棧臘肉 半條 (蒸熟、切片).
      Take a half strip of Kam Yan Jen cured pork (steamed it and cut in slices).

      荷蘭豆 4 安士 (摘去頭部、洗淨).
      4 oz of peas (remove the head and clean).

      鮮冬菇 4 朵 (一開二).
      4 pieces of fresh mushroom (cut each in half).


      放 1 湯匙油爆炒臘肉片及荷蘭豆及鮮冬菇。
      Use 1 tablespoon of oil to "bao" fry cured ham, pea, and mushroom. "Bao" is a high temperature stir fry technique. So use high flame and quick actions (move the food really fast).

      贊酒 1 湯匙,鹽 1/2 茶匙。
      Add 1 tablespoon of Chinese wine (rice wine or Shaoxing wine), half teaspoon of salt

      Stir fry a few times and ready to go onto a plate.

      This recipe is provided by Ms. 黃淑儀

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        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          Interesting - similar translations, but one says add 1/2 tsp of sugar at the end and the other says 1/2 tsp of salt. Can we get a consensus?

          1. re: BobB

            I am correct.

            The recipe states: "鹽 1/2 茶匙", correct?

            You can do a google translation on "鹽"


        2. Thank you both. Very helpful.

          1. I tried the recipe tonight.
            I used snow peas and mushrooms, both of which were very good.

            I really disliked the pork, however, and I don't think the problem was the way I cooked it.

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            1. re: racer x

              Well, it isn't everyone's taste. On the other hand, did you steam it through as I have written? Or did you just fry it? You cannot just stir fry it.... Well, you can, but it would be wrong.

              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                Oh yes, I sure did steam it first.
                I steamed it. Then let it cool. Then sliced it.
                Then stir-fried everything.

                I just didn't like the flavors. Incidentally, I have never liked the Chinese sausage I have had in the past (I used to steam sausage in the rice cooker over the rice).

                1. re: racer x

                  Got it. In that case, you know you don't like it for sure. Good luck on other stuffs.

            2. Translation is very good, and this sounds delicious :)