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Need suggestions for a last minute long weekend in SF

I'm heading to town with a friend for a last minute long weekend and it's now a bit late for reservations at some of the hot spots I might otherwise shoot for. I'm looking for suggestions on some hidden gems I might still be able to get into or non-reservation places worth the wait.

We're staying downtown (Financial District), so walkable, BART, or cab ride would be best. Available for all meals (or lots of nibbling - this food is all about food) Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Open to a variety of cuisines.


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  1. Tadich Grill doesn't take reservations. You can typically get in quick on off-hours, or sit at the bar and have a few classic gin tonics while you wait.

    Tadich Grill
    240 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

    1. Barbacco & Canteen have openings for Saturday on Opentable.

      1. Bocadillos (tapas) doesn't take reservations...but it can get busy.

        I'd still do research on a few places you'd like and then look at Opentable.com or call. Might be easier than you think for a res.

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          Yeah. Things are a little slow in SF right now, for some reason.

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            January's traditionally the slowest time of the year for SF restaurants.

        2. For Sunday brunch, I would suggest going to Prospect. - it's walking distance. Took my in-laws there for brunch after seeing their famous "prospector breakfast" featured on the cover of 7x7 magazine and it was a very nice meal with good food and service. I would definitely go back and try other dishes from their menu.

          They have Jan 15 Sunday 1pm reservations available on Opentable but when I was there, they still had empty tables at 11:30-12 so walk-ins shouldn't be a problem.

          And of course you can walk to the Ferry building on Saturday and sample all the goodies at the farmer's market. Namu and Roli Roti always seem to be there but some of the vendors seem to switch out (this past Saturday I saw Hapa ramen).

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            look at you, SeoulQueen - sharing your knowledge like a local! bravo!

            I was going to suggest the same for Rudyfoodie - Farmers Market on Saturday is not-to-miss.

            The Goldenwest (on the go bfast/lunch)
            Zero Zero
            Pizzeria Delfina (try for Sat. lunch, there will be a wait)
            Limon Rotisserie
            Swan Oyster Depot (try for an early lunch Sat or Mon - there will be a wait after 11:00 a.m.)

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              Ooh, we will definitely do the farmer's market, it sounds perfect!

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                Definitely check out the ferry building.

            2. Lers Ros in the tenderloin. Great thai.

              1. Tony's Napoletana Pizzeria in North Beach doesn't take reservations and he has an amazing margherita pizza. I would suggest going for lunch. The doors open at noon but people start lining up by 11:30 a.m. If you get there by then, you'll probably get in on the first seating. If not, they also serve pizza at the bar. Will give you a nice feel for the North Beach area, which can get bustling with tourists.

                I'd also try going to someplace at the Mission, which is a foodie destination. Mission Chinese Food doesn't take reservations and is fun to try. Also Tartine Bakery is worth a visit, but be prepared to stand in line for about 20 minutes (try any of their cake slices or eclairs). The Mission is accessible on BART at 16th Street station.

                If you're looking for some good Northern Chinese food (which is always nice in cold weather), I'd suggest San Dong BBQ House at 3741 Geary Blvd. They have decent xiao lung bao and great hand-pulled noodles. Would be a filling and cheap dinner in the neighborhood. (Geary is accessible on the 38 Muni bus from downtown) Also around the same area on Geary (but prior to the stop for San Dong) is a new Hong Kong Lounge for dim sum. The original location is farther out and packed, but they opened a second location Hong Kong Lounge II at 3300 Geary Blvd. Haven't tried it yet so can't say if it's great, but it'll give you the local dim sum mania.

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                  Tony's STG margherita is as good a Neapolitan-style pie as I've had, but there are a lot of other styles on the menu, it's like a living pizza museum: