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Jan 9, 2012 06:50 PM

Dougie's in Baltimore

Anyone have info on when it's opening? I rode by the other day and saw the sign...

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  1. It's open now. We had take-out last week. The lamb burger was quite good.

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    1. re: scorpi3048

      My 19 year old son at Ner Israel ate there last week. Evidently, they were giving out Buffalo wings, which was a boon to an impoverished yooung man in yeshiva. Better than yeshiva food. No, really, he enjoyed it.

    2. Same Dougie's as NYC area?

      1. Anyone have an address? I may be in Baltimore on business next week and have not been to a Dougie's in years.

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        1. re: dfsny613

          The Dougies in Baltimore is on the corner of Slade ave and Reisterstown Rd in Pikesville (21208), in an office building, right next door to the 7-11...I think the address is officially 100 slade ave, but I'm not sure

          1. re: koshergastronome

            Its 600 Reisterstown Road according to their facebook page, "Like" Dougies BBQ and grill Baltimore and you can see their menu. I have not been there yet

        2. My question: Is Dougie's really that good?

          I'm a little spoiled. I'm used to my Mom's wings and, albeit second place, fried wings that a friend of mine makes at her famous (infamous) Fry Fest every Hannukah....

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          1. re: smsdc

            When Dougies had one location on 72nd, yes they were that good. Once they became a chain and the quality started to decrease, they were no longer worth it. At this point I think they're coasting on a reputation from 10-15 years ago.

            1. re: smsdc

              The bar isn't as high in Baltimore as it is in other places. That being said, what I ate was very tasty and I haven't heard a bad food report yet. Service? That's another story...

              1. re: scorpi3048

                The food at the Dougie's in Baltimore was ok, not bad, but not great...and yeah they're solely running on nostalgia, so you can say to kids, this is what we ate 15 years ago...they'll think you're crazy for thinking it was all the bees knees, but you can just sit back and imagine they're going to be doing the same thing for Carlos and Gabbys

              2. re: smsdc

                SMS, I'm not saying Dougie's are better then mine... but I can eat at Dougie's without my house smelling like oil all the way up the block!

                I think you had to be a New Yorker in the 90's to really appreciate Dougie's. Yes, it's all about nostalgia. Koshergastronome, I was talking with a friend earlier today about how the kids were going to be disappointed when we go, after hearing about it for so long...

                1. re: nicoleelangoldstein

         I'm not saying it's the same, but it reminds me of "Shmulke Bernsteins" which our parents talked about...

                  1. re: nicoleelangoldstein

                    coca cola has been around forever, not sure where you are going with being around in the 90's blah blah blah...i ate there last week and the food only gets better and better. stop knocking.

                    1. re: baruch21

                      I don't get your point about coca-cola.

                2. Ate there last night. They seem to have trouble getting the food to the table while it's still hot. My buffalo wings were of varying temperature, and although my burger was hot, my fries weren't. I overheard at least two other tables complain to the waiters that their food was cold. A shame. I love Dougie's.