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Jan 9, 2012 06:16 PM

Paris Charcuterie & Wine

Hey. A friend and I are heading to Paris at the end of the month for a food/drink experience. Our main focus is charcuterie & wine, as suggested. We have five days. Any reco's for good, uniquely French wine bars and places to eat great charcuterie. Both at once, if possible!

Thanks for any help.

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  1. J Melac on Rue Leon Frot in the 11th

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      Supposedly serving the best hamburgers in Paris but only on Thursday nights.

    2. Baron Rouge in the 12th near the Place d'Aligre market. It has everything you describe in spades.

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        The cave à manger at Rouge et Verre at 8 rue de Maubeuge. And if you choose a bottle for your sitdown lunch (no dinner but very generous charcuterie platter for your pre-dinner apéro), you are charged retail price, with no markup. The wine selection, btw, is very good.

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          Baron Rouge is on our list. Looks great! Rouge et Verre's website looks good. We're definitely looking for pre-dinner places for the most part. I lie the look of the place.

          Anybody been here?

          It seems a lot of places double as retail/resto. Wish we could do that in Ontario!

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            There are 2 Rouge et Verre places. Be sure you go to the rue Mauberge one.
            Rouge et Verre has good homecooking kind of dishes for lunch, when it is frequented by the fat cats from the Drouot auction house.
            In the evening it is more of a 'hood places, where people living around there, like me, drop by to buy a bottle and stop for charcuterie and a drink with friends, often doggy-bagging the unfinished bottle home (a downright encouraged phenomenon in France, but only for wine, seriously).

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              There are hundreds of bars à vins and caves à vin in Paris so you could probably bump into a good one even without trying. Everyone has their favourites which is not to say the ones they have not tried are not as good. To save us giving you recs that might require you to frantically crisscross Paris, maybe you should give us a few hints on where you are staying and where you are dining.

        2. There's the small degustation space at Legrand Filles et Fils ( that offers cold plates (charcuterie and patés, ... )with good wines.

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            good but very expensive. not what i would call typical or uniquely french.

          2. Fab wines, stinky cheese and tip-top piggy bits can be found and devoured at Crus, on the Rue du Plat d'Etain, just behind the Rue de Rivoli by Chatelet in the 1st arrondisement. There is a map here:


            1. Here are some of my current favorites for charcuterie and wine. I live in Paris and import French wines to the US and have listed some other favorites in the link below. Enjoy your visit!

              Grain Noble
              8, rue Boutebrie
              75005 Paris

              Over 25 wines are offered by the glass and are perfectly preserved to prevent oxidation in Enomatic wine dispensing machines. An assortment of high quality cheeses, carpaccio, charcuterie and smoked trout all served with the excellent breads of Boulangerie Eric Keyser

              Frenchie Wine Bar
              5-5 rue du Nil
              75002 Paris

              Not just meats and cheeses but creative menu some of the same dishes as the impossible to get into Frenchie restaurent accoss the street No reservations are accepted here so it’s first come first serve. Fair priced and selective wine list.