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Best Donut in LA?

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I'm on a search. Gotta love the Primo's, and Donut Man of course. but what is amazing and under the radar? thanks guys.

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  1. Stans -- Westwood and Thousand Oaks.

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      Definitely not Stans. I went to the Westwood location just last week and bought a dozen of various kinds. My friends and I thought they were
      horrible. I wish I had a place to recommend but I don't. Please post if you find something. Thanks!!!

      1. re: sfgrub

        I spent four years in Westwood attending UCLA. During that time, I was exposed to Stans and Diddy Reese for just about every meeting/small function I attended.

        I never enjoyed Stan's donuts. Other people raved about them, but they seemed too heavy for me. Other times, the frosting didn't seem to pair well with the flavor of the donut. Perhaps it was because the people who did the mass buying bought kinds I didn't like and that if I had gone there in person, I would have found one to my liking.

        Now that I hear Stan is working the counter again, I would like to try it one more time. There has to be something there for so many people (Chowhounders, no less) to like them.

      2. re: liu

        I couldn't agree more. Plus, I could bewrong about this but I think that lately Stan himself seems to be working the Westwood counter more than he had been, and his renewed presence has improved both the service and the quality of the donuts.

        The chocolate-chip-peanut-butter-and-banana donut (all of those ingredients are fresh!) is unlike anything I've ever tasted at any donut shop anywhere, and that alone is worth the trip. Be advised, though, that some of the choices cost as much as $2.00 apiece.

      3. s
        Sir Eats A Lot

        Bob's at the Farmers Market on Fairfax and Third

        1. Primo's, which if I'm not confusing things is the one on Sawtelle just north of National on the east side across from Rite-Aid, has light doughnuts. I live right near Stan's in Westwood, but rarely go there because they are very caky and SO expensive.

          I go for crispy. I love the cinnamon rolls at the doughnut shop in the minimall at Palms and Sepulveda, across from the Trader Joe's and Galaguezeta. And the Asian proprietress, who sells a LOT of lottery tickets, is extremely nice.

          1. Kindle's Donuts on South Normandie

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              Robert Thornton

              I'm surprised to hear the negative posts on Stan's, which is one of my favorites. I can understand not liking the style or thinking thinking the reputation is a bit overhyped, but horrible? Something must have been wrong. Those are good donuts!

              For me, the three best places I've tried in L.A. Country are (in alphabetical order):

              Bob's at the Farmer's Market on Fairfax
              Donut Man in Glendora
              Stan's in Westwood

              What's great about the Donut Man is the fresh fruit dounuts, which are really more pastries with farmer's market fruit than your typical donut shop donut. I like their standard donuts too, but the fresh fruit ones are unique (and delicious). But it's in Glendora, which is a trek for most Angelinos (but sort of on my way to work!).

              If you haven't tried Stan's and Bob's, you should. Even expensive donuts are cheap and those are two of the places with a good reputation, so you can form your own opinion.


              1. C'mon Hounds:

                Ask an expert. Any donut is a good donut.

                1. I like Primos and Stan's too, though the latter can get kinda heavy. I also like the cinnamon rolls (those without raisins, oddly enough; $1) at a place called USA*donuts, I think, on the southeast corner of Venice and McLaughlin.

                  Never tried that donut shop at Palms & Sepulveda; thanks for the tip!

                  1. HELLLOOO!!!!!!

                    Randy's off the 405 (The big donut!)

                    I first thought it was a gimmick, but my neighbor oneday had some donuts laying around. he told to go for a maple bar. NEVER LOOKED BACK!!!!

                    Chocolate bars and maple bars are the best in town. Try to get them fresh-pretty easy to do. Also a great apple turnover (?) i think is what it's called.

                    My vote for best donut goes to randy's!!! Hand down.

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                      While I wouldn't say it was the best donut I ever had, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the donut I picked up at Randy's a few weeks ago. I always wanted to go because I love that LA style of literalist architecture (the donut place that has a giant donut or Tail O' the Pup, etc.).

                      It was just a plain old fashioned donut - but it was fresh and quite tasty.

                    2. SO under the radar is K's Donut Emporium at Beverly Glen and Ventura... the BEST glazed old-fashioneds in the city, and wonderful apple fritters chock full of cinnamony apple bits and with a perfect fluffy gooey inside and crispy outside.

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                        I'd like to give this place a try. Any hints on when to visit if one has a preference for warm donuts?

                        1. re: David Kahn

                          Morning, on the early side is best. Nonetheless, I've had their donuts mid-afternoon as well, and never have they tasted stale or even "cold."

                      2. I have to second (or third) Bob's legendary Donuts. There is nothing like sitting with the sugary fluffiness of a "twist," a cup of Bob's strong coffee, and the hubub and peacefulness of people and pigeons in the burgeoning morning.

                        1. Another vote for Bob's light and tender donuts. I find Primo's cloyingly sweet.

                          The fresh churros from the Alameda swap meet (weekends only?) are pretty special.

                          1. Donut Star at the corner of Verdugo Rd. and York Blvd.
                            they have the best apple fritters, french cruellars, and glazed donut holes. YUM!!!

                            1. For those who are hating on Stan's - I can only suggest that if you like peanut butter and chocolate, then try that donut when it is fresh - otherwise, I can see how people will be disappointed.

                              But Randy's (manchester off 405) is superb for a few items - apple fritter, chocolate old-fashioned, old-fashioned glazed twist, maple bar (while still fresh), and believe it or not, their honey wheat is damn good (especially if hot.)

                              I find Bob's to be overrated... have not tried Primo's but am going to soon...