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Jan 9, 2012 05:39 PM

Decisions, decisions - Book Bindery or Chez Shea for group of 6

I'd be much obliged if folks out there could help me make a decision. I'm coming from out of town to organize a special family dinner in Seattle. We're going to have a group of six people, some of whom have kind of a hard time hearing in noisy restaurants. So we want a relatively quiet, relaxed, special place with really delicious food and great service.

We have narrowed it down to Book Bindery or Chez Shea. I've never been to either and am having a hard time deciding between the two. Which would you choose and why?

Thanks so much for your help.

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  1. Chez Shea. Great food and not knock your socks out loud. Your group will enjoy it, turtl_girl.

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    1. re: firecracker

      Second that. Never had a bad experience at Chez Shea.

    2. I would say Book Bindery. The food at Book Bindery is much better than that at Chez Shea, although I haven't been to CS in over a year so perhaps they've improved?

      I took my cousin, who was visiting from LA and does a lot of international travel - dining at Michelin starred restaurants, and he was very impressed with Book Bindery.

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      1. re: Lauren

        Thanks! How would you rate Book Bindery on the ambiance front? Is it loud in there? That's the hesitation for me.

        1. re: turtl_girl

          Not loud. Went a few months ago and sat in the atrium/greenhouse area, very pleasant. Food was beautiful and delicious, we were a party of four and all very happy. I haven't been to Chez Chea in 10+ years so can't compare, but Book Bindery is a lovely night out and I would definitely recommend it.

          1. re: turtl_girl

            It's not loud, which is why I recommended it. I've eaten in both the dining room and the atrium and both allow for conversation. I'm sure the atrium is lovely in the summer, but while it's dark, I'd recommend requesting the dining room.

            1. re: Lauren

              Ok thanks -- I'm think we'll go with Book Bindery. Will report back!