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What type of tongs do you use, and why?

I recently had a some cheep $10 tongs and they bent on me when picking up a roast ham. I when to WS and got Silicone Nonslip Tongs and so far i this they're the best i have used so far.
Whats you take on Tongs?


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  1. I have two. My main one is a stainless steel tong. My other one is a freebie tong from the Wokshop made of bamboo. It is long and narrow and it is useful for finer things. It almost looks like this, but not quite:


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      the bamboo one look very useful for tricky pickup

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        :) I actually used it a few time for seasoning my cookware. You know... like using it to hold a paper towel to wipe a hot pan with oil. I think you can probably get one from your local Chinatown or Asian supermarket for $1-2.


    2. i use a pair of simple stainless steel tongs from a restaurant supply store, usually browne brand , any of the pull tabs or other locking mechanisms drive me nuts


      1. http://www.edlundco.com/catalog/categ...

        I've been using Edlund stainless steel tongs for decades without problems. Available in standard and heavy duty, locking and non-locking, in various lengths.

        1. I like Cuisipro tongs. Available in plain steel and silicone tipped, wide range of sizes/colors, excellent locking mechanism, easy to clean, and reasonably priced. What more to you need in a pair of tongs?


          LOL! Just checked your link -- those are Cuisipro tongs shown in the picture. They also make the more common scalloped-edge kind, both plain steel and silicone-coated.

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            +1 for the Cuisipro tongs. I think I use tongs more than any other cooking implement and I have several sets. My go to is the Cuisipro. Their locking mechanism is the best, the spring tension and opening width is just right, and they are nice and sturdy. My second favorite is a tie between an old pair from the restaurant supply that is held closed with a removable wire bit that I'm always afraid I'm going to lose, or an Orka pair with silicone ends.
            I was just trying to find a couple of good pairs for a friend, and it seems like everything else sucks and is junky/flimsy/locks poorly compared to the Cuisipro.

            ETA I like these better than what's linked above: http://www.amazon.com/Cuisipro-Silico...

          2. I have a small pair of stainless tongs but I also have a pair of heavy duty aluminum tongs that I purchased for a restaurant supply store.

            1. I use my tongs constantly for many different tasks. I have two pairs of Oxo tongs, each 9 inches long. One has a stainless steel tips and the other has nylon tips. Oxo stuff can be hit or miss, but these work very well.

              The smaller size gives more control. I don't think you need longer tongs unless perhaps for working on a big grill. The nylon tips don't scratch so they're better for using in pans where metal utensils are not desired.

              One thing to note is that while the nylon tips are heat resistant to 400 deg F, the round rubber loop is not, so it will melt quickly if it comes in contact with a hot pan.


              1. I bought a number of cheap (I think $5) tongs on Amazon to go along with the similar ones I already owned. They are long and a simple spring loaded with no lock. They work for everything though I certainly wouldn't use them for something heavy like a roast or ham because I would find that awkward. Great for everything else and with half a dozen in a jar by the stove they're very handy. I have a pair of more expensive locking ones with silicone ends and find them pretty useless. (I also have a small bamboo pair that are used only to remove toast from the toaster, saves on burned fingers.)

                1. I have a long and short pair of the oxo locking tongs that I use most frequently in the kitchen. I also have one of the really long pairs (like 16") of the standard all stainless restaurant style tongs hanging on the side of my range with my oven gloves but I rarely use them except for the grill.

                  BTW, for picking up something like a ham I'd really choose something other than tongs. They aren't really designed for this. You are better off using two carving forks or the new fangled meat claws to move a large piece of meat.

                  1. I use heavy stainless steel tongs by Winco (18" and 12"). and get them from a restaraunt supply.

                    1. I use my 9" Royal Chicago SS tongs to get things out of the garbage disposal.

                      1. I use Oxo tongs. As for why I use them, well, let's just say that's between me and my tongs. ;)

                        1. I have a few long ones for bbq use. It works well with things like hotdogs, burgers etc. I don't use it when cooking on the pan though. I also have a pair of small ones which works great when self serving salad.