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Sodastream seltzer not holding its fizz?

I got the Penguin model (has glass bottles) for my husband for Christmas, and we've had a good time figuring out how much fizz we like, trying different flavors (no sodas, just the essences that make it taste like flavored seltzer). Our issue is, if we bottle it up and put it in the fridge, it's pretty much flat when we go to retrieve it later. We're capping it up tightly. Any thoughts on this?


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  1. ...not sure what to tell you, sounds like a problem with the glass bottle capping? I've had one of the Soda Stream models that comes with plastic bottles for 2 years now, and my bottles stay fully fizzy in the fridge for a day or two at least (maybe more, but we get through the small one liter bottle pretty quickly)

    1. How frustrating! I have the kind with plastic bottles and I haven't had that problem. I am thinking there must be a problem with the gaskets in your lids, since you are able to carbonate it just fine with the machine, you must be getting a tight seal there. You might have defective bottles. I'd call customer service.

      1. I agree with the other comments; I have the plastic version, which works fine, but my mother has been using the Penguin with the glass bottles for years and I don't think she's ever had a problem. You probably just need new caps, though Sodastream should be able to give you specific pointers. Good luck!

        1. i just got my sodastream as a gift. can chowhounders tell me if it's worth using - is it really better than store-bought seltzer? - or should i stick to my seagrams and whatnot?

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            i'd say it is identical to store bought seltzer... except I don't have to haul bottles of seltzer from the store to my kitchen, the ease/convenience factor is the real value for me.

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              I got mine as a birthday present last year as well. I used to be a confirmed Pellegrino addict (case/$12.99, went through 1-2 cases per week, if hosting folks maybe 3), and we had a boatload of recycling all the time.

              As a present, it most definitely is worth it -- we have 5 plastic bottles that are in constant use (no fizz problem either as we drink a lot of water, so no bottle ever makes it beyond 24 hours, I'd guess), and haven't bought bottled water in a few months.

              You save money, glass (not even talking about having those glass bottles hauled all the way from Yurp), and our recycling bin can last two weeks now, easily, unless we have people over.

              It really is a win-win situation.

              No, I am not a paid representative of Sodastream.

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                Not only is it better because you don't have to haul home water and waste all the plastic, etc., it is better because you can customize your water with exactly as much - or as little - carbonation as you prefer.

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                  Another advantage for me is that the bottles are BPA free. The water bottles at the store -- if they have BPA, -- have been sitting in it for who knows how long. I tend to assume there's probably something problematic with even non-BPA plastic, but at least there's quicker turnover time with the sodastream stuff.

                2. How much gas are you injecting? The more you inject, and the fresher the canister, the longer the bubbles last.

                  1. For the "just making sure" department: Is your water fridge cold when you carbonate it? Cold water holds lots more carbonation than room temperature. Room temperature water may seem well carbonated at first, but goes flat in a hurry.

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                        Ah, this might be it. It's room-temp water we've been using, from the Brita which stays out on the counter b/c I don't like cold beverages (unlike my husband). I'll put a pitcher in the frige and we'll give this a try - thanks!


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                          A somewhat clever tip: Once you've emptied a bottle, fill it with water and stick it right back in the fridge. That way, you always have chilled water ready to go any time you want to do some carbonated water.

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                            Thanks, JK - husband is clever like you - and once I told him about this issue, he said "oh yeah, the instructions said it needed to be cold!" So into the fridge went the tap water, and once carbonated, it's been holding its fizz much, much better. Thanks to all you 'hounds!


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                              Great tip. I do that, too. If I need a fast refill, there is a quick method I love. I put ice cubes (crushed works faster, if you have it) in the bottle (about 20%), then fill the rest of the way with water. Cap and shake until the ice is mostly gone. This speed chills the water in about 1 minute. Then I carbonate and go.

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                                Thanks for the tips.

                                I just got a Sodastream and haven't really used it much at all. Does the syphon need to be submerged in order to carbonate the water?

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                                  Yes, from our experience the tip of the syphon needs to be down into the water.

                                  Also, the water needs to be pretty much at or just slightly under the line marked on the bottle -- if the bottle is filled over the line, the water almost always gushes out the top.

                                  Smaller Sodastream bottles are available; we bought some but found that we prefer the larger bottle and putting any flavorings in our glass rather than into the bottle.

                                  btw, we use a variety of alternate flavorings such as the "Stirrings" brand of Blood Orange Bitters, Angostura Bitters, cranberry martini mix, and so on.

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                                    Forgot to thank you for commenting Axial.

                                    Does anybody know why we can't carbonate other liquids? I would love to carbonate homemade orange juice = orangina!

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                                      I don't know the physics of it, but I do know that it causes it to bubble up and overflow back into the machine. OJ would be especially sticky and a terrible mess. They say it invalidates the warranty, and they will definitely be able to tell.

                        2. Again, good tips! I've had my sodastream for about 5 years, and it is still working though daily use (sometimes multiple times per day), although it is starting to show wear. I will replace it though. Th only thing that gets more use in the kitchen is the cutting board....

                          1. I've used a soda siphon for years. One of the secret things you find out about soda siphons is that you need to start with 'flat' water.

                            Water straight out of the tap is usually aerated. That thing that goes on the end of your kitchen spigot that makes the water sort of frothy? That's adding air into the water. That means there is already gas dissolved in the water BEFORE you add the carbonation.

                            So the trick is to let the air that's already in the water, out to allow more of the CO2 to be absorbed.

                            If you fill your SodaStream bottle (or any other container) with water and leave it in the fridge overnight with the cover or cap loose or off, the water will go flat. It will also chill the water so even more CO2 can be absorbed.

                            After you've charged your water, let it sit in the fridge for an hour or so. This allows more CO2 to be absorbed.

                            It works for me, but Your Mileage May Vary.

                            1. I just bought two new, plastic Sodastream 1L bottles from Amazon and the new bottles aren't holding a fizz at all. We really tighten down the caps but they lose fizz very quickly. We had two black SodaStream bottles that came with the set and they were years old and they had just started to lose carbonation so that's why we bought the new ones. These new ones are worse than the ones we just got rid of. Arghh! They're going back to Amazon.

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                                Try tightening the nozzle (mine is white) that shoots the carbonation into the bottles. It can become loose and it won't hold a fizz.

                              2. Don’t Over Carbonate. The SodaStream Revolutions machine lets you choose how much carbonation you want to add to your beverages. While some people may like a lot of carbonation, we recommend that you start at a lower level of carbonation and work your way up to higher levels if desired. Using the first or second buttons on the SodaStream Revolution will give you a great level of carbonation, and will also stretch your CO2 tank a bit longer. See this article from more tips http://www.aromacup.com/sodastream/tips/

                                1. The problem I've had with sodastream is that after a while the caps seem to crack at the top and leak the carbonation. It's happened a lot but I can't see other people complaining. I wonder if one can get a batch of caps?

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                                  1. I store my carbonated bottles upside down in the fridge, it keeps the gas on top and stays bubbly a lot longer. Just make sure they're really tight and check for drips.