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Jan 9, 2012 05:04 PM

Two Wineries and a Meal

I rather loathe to do such a generic request, but I need some brainstorming ideas for a quick daytrip for a couple of wineries and a nice late lunch/early dinner nearby. In the past, we’ve done something like Wellington and Audelssa, followed Girl and the Fig in Sonoma, which is fine. I was thinking of maybe Patz & Hall and some other place in Napa, then hitting some restaurant in the City of Napa (always like Bounty Hunter, although I was hoping for something more of a splurge), but not sure. Will be driving from Oakland, so as much as I would like to drive out to Littoria and Merry Edwards, not sure I can make that happen and have a meal. So, I guess I am really looking at southern Napa and Sonoma – any ideas? My varietal preference is for spare, French-style wines. Quality wine is more important than pretty location, etc. -- I am looking to buy some wine and then eat.

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  1. Brix?

    However, i haven't been since the chef change.

    A few new to me places I want to try in Napa

    Grace's Table
    Tyler Florence rotissarie (despite the obscene prices)\
    Fish Story (despite the lousy yelp reviews)