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Jan 9, 2012 04:11 PM

Testaccio Market in Rome will move in Spring 2012

It's not yet an official information as far as I know but I had it from a reliable source: at the end of March / begin of April Testaccio Market stalls will move to the new location in via Galvani (very close to the current market). Since Italian opening dates are often not met I'll try to keep you updated in the coming weeks.

Happy to share here other insights you may have and your comments about the new building too.
From an architectural point of view I already read much criticism...

Anyway I hope that a fully covered market with extended opening hours will contribute to improve quality of the offer in this historical spot for foodies in Rome.


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  1. I don't see how it could possibly be a good thing. I think the building is horrible, but I am not a contemporary architecture expert, so maybe I'm wrong. But I see already at the market that many stalls have closed -- new generations are not taking over from their parents, though fortunately a few are. The marvelous layout of the present market will be lost. I love the big square with lines of sight from one stall to another and meat and fish around the edges. The invasion of schlock (as we say in New York) began in a big way a year or two ago and has accelerated. And the new location is not all that close to the old, and is much less convenient to the center by public transport. Yes, it will have parking, but do we really want to encourage people flocking there in private cars? Nope. It's the end of an era. Call me a pessimist, but I am treasuring every remaining moment in the old market.

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      I think it will improve at least from the hygiene point of view. Maybe I'm an optimist but I prefer to say that things change, evolve, sometimes getting worst (I hope it is not the case of Testaccio Market as you foresee) other times getting better. The nearby Farmer's Market can be a good example: it revalued an amazing neglected building of the ex Mattatoio area and quality of the food you can buy there is great! unfortunately it is open only during the weekends.
      Concerning the distance, the new market will be less than half a mile away from the current one.

      1. re: tavoleromane

        TR, The new market will absolutely offer the possibility of improved hygiene, running water, etc. But aside from that I see little to recommend it. Im as cynical as you are optimistic:) And the mere sight of the Roadhouse Grill that dominates the Via Galvani side of the space makes me want to gouge my eyes out. you have friends with a shop in the current market. Will they be moving to the new market? Any idea what the rental price per square meter in the new space will be and what it is in Piazza Testaccio ?

        1. re: katieparla

          Yes, they will move and, as far as I know, almost all the stalls will move to the new market.
          Price will increase about 40%, they will have water, toilets, security and common spaces cleaning.
          I'm not a fan of the new market, maybe my previous comment was misunderstood.
          I'll wait it will be running before evaluating it.


        2. re: tavoleromane

          I know exactly the distance between the old market and the new—I've walked it hundreds of times—and it is significant for pedestrians and people using public transport, especially after they've made their purchases. The numerous buses on via Marmorata that now are so convenient to the old market will no longer be relevant. Unless new routes are added (I am not holding my breath), people will flock there in cars. That is 21st-century urban planning?

          1. re: mbfant

            I haven't seen the new building (not sure I want to, because I am emotionally attached to the Testaccio Market). But I have to agree with Maureen about the distance from mass transit. I was waiting for the bus on the Marmorata on a Saturday morning in early November and was struck by the number of people getting off busses with their shopping carts, especially older people.

      2. A quick update: it has been officially communicated that the last day for the old market operation will be the 26th of May. Stalls will move to the new market building discussed in previous posts.


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          Thanks. I'll certainly be there, with plenty of hankies. Will there be a closing ceremony or anything?

          1. re: mbfant

            "L'inaugurazione vera e propria con la presenza delle istituzioni - il sindaco Alemanno e gli assessori Bordoni e Ghera - si dovrebbe tenere invece nel mese di giugno."

            1. re: vinoroma

              That's the opening of the new place. What about a farewell to the old?

                1. re: vinoroma

                  Shouldn't we all organize a farewell party? I certainly won't be celebrating with Alemanno and Bordoni (although I do have some old eggs left from Easter.....)