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Jan 9, 2012 04:08 PM

Good take out or delivery in Santa Barbara

Hi -

We are heading up to Santa Barbara for a night. It's going to be a busy weekend and we have an age range of grandparents to 3 year olds plus a football game that someone MUST WATCH at 5p So.....thinking that it might be easier if we just order in or take out. We are staying at the Oceana Hotel. Open to anything just don't want have to drive too far. thanks in advance!

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  1. Your best bet will probably be getting things from the "Mesa" from where you are staying for pizza etc. A number of good choices for casual food on the Mesa, including the vast "organic" Lazy Acres grocery store and large prepared food deli. Apparently they even have half off specials towards closing time.

    There is also a great deli market down in this Waterfront area where you will be staying - I'll track down its address and perhaps you can get some things made up ahead of time since they close fairly early. >>>Metropolus:

    There is also a good take out Mexican restaurant only a few blocks away from your motel too: Rudy's on West Montecito Street which is also near a string of nice casual restaurants across the block on the same street that probably also offer carry out - ribs, BBQ, etc.

    Link to Mesa restaurants:
    We like Giovanni's pizza best.

    If you want room delivery, here is a list. Santa Barbara is small so probably you will be well within the delivery area for most. Your front desk can give you suggestions as well:

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      Hey glbtrtr, our old standby for Mexican up on the Mesa used to be Rose Cafe, across from Lazy Acres. Happen to know if they're still on their game?

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        When you can go to the funky original on Haley Street, why bother with its gussied up sister on the Mesa?!? But she is alive and well and keeping her fans on the Mesa:

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          Yeah, agreed, Haley St. Rose was our first love. ; >P

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            Clarification requested: Is that Haley Saint Rose ...or Haley Street Rose. ;-)