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Jan 9, 2012 03:59 PM

Recipe for old world egg stuffed chicken

My grandmother used to make this glorious chicken dish and I was wondering if there was a recipe out there. I can probably make it from memory, but would love to see if there was a recipe out there. She would take a whole chicken (with neck intact) and separate as much of the skin from the meat as possible without tearing it. She would then fill the cavity (between the skin and meat, not the actual inside), with a beaten egg mixture. Then you tie the neck to seal the skin and slowly lower it into boiling water. It simmers until the chicken meat has cooked. When you slice the chicken, there is a layer of egg over the meat, it looks gorgeous. Our background is Tatar/Russian, but there is Chinese influence as well. I hope someone out there has heard of it!

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  1. I found a recipe similar to what you describe on a Russian website.
    Below is a Google translation of the reicpe:

    Tutyrgan tavyk - stuffed with chicken

    Тутырган тавык - фаршированная курица

    For this recipe you will need:

    Chicken - 1 pc.
    egg - 2-3 pc.
    butter - 50g
    cream or milk - 30-50 ml
    rice or boiled potatoes - 700-800g
    Salt and pepper - to taste.

    Take a young chicken (greasy or moderate body condition). In processing poultry feathers svezhezabitoy should pull gently (so as not to damage the skin). Chicken to singe, not to leave lint and fine hairs. Neck from the trunk should be cut off above about 3-4 cm in feet - below the knee, 2 cm, the tips of the wings - on the edges, salt and pepper to taste. The skin on the neck of the delay of breast and cervix (without skin) cut another in half.

    Make an incision on the abdomen, remove the entrails, goiter removed through the throat opening. Treated in this way to clean the chicken inside and out with cold water. In front, from the mouth, taking care not to break, separate the skin from the finger meat carcass (from the rib, brisket, hind legs). Chicken skin is easily separated from the meat. Peritoneum to sew thin threads and thrust into the neck of the breast, to stuffing does not leak into the carcass. Then, from the neck to try to inflate the separated skin. The skin is well inflated - hence, the chicken is ready for stuffing. If the air goes somewhere, a place on the skin need to find and sew.

    For stuffing a chicken to take fresh eggs to release into a separate bowl, add salt, pepper and mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon. Then add cream or whole milk and stir again. If a low-fat chicken, eggs can be added in a little butter. The resulting mixture - pour a spoon stuffing between the skin and meat of chicken by the neck. Stuffed chicken neck-hole in the skin to firmly tie a white thread. In order not to burst the skin and keep its shape, the chicken should be wrapped in a towel or cheesecloth and drop into boiling salted water slightly.

    Should be closely monitored so as stuffed chicken is cooked. With careless skin may crack, and stuffing spilled into the broth. Simmer for 1-1.5 hours. When the chicken in the hot broth vzduetsya the skin in several places with a fine needle puncture and release the air. Cooked chicken cut so that the stuffing does not fall out from under the skin. Stuffed chicken should be cut into 4 pieces and serve hot. We have two backs and two front, which are filled with scrambled eggs. Cooked chicken should be put in the oven and bake until golden brown. On the table served with boiled potatoes or rice.


    Here are more links to the recipe with pictures:

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    1. I remember but don't have access to a recipe that Craig Claiborne years ago wrote in the nytimes cookbook, circa 1970s, for roast chicken stuffed with scrambled eggs. He lovingly described the stuffing delicately setting and perfuming the chicken as the chicken roasted. Does anyone else remember this dish? Have the recipe?

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        Craig Claiborne - Chicken Stuffed with Scrambled eggs, Lakeland Ledger newspaper - Aug 20, 1975

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          Thanks but I my recipe calls for putting the uncooked egg in the void between the skin and the flesh. This looks good too, just different.

      2. Awesome! It's been over a year since I'm checked back. So happy to see the recipe and the pictures. I am so excited to make it this weekend.