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Jan 9, 2012 03:56 PM

A restaurant that specialized in Ugly Fish

I am looking for the name of a restaurant that was featured in the Food Network several years ago. It specialized in serving very ugly species of fish in unusual manners such as a large black toothy fish curled with it's tail in it's mouth. The restaurant owner said "The uglier the fish, the sweeter the taste" I think it may have been located in NYC. Any idea what the name of this place is or was?

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  1. There was a restaurant in NYC called the John Dory, now closed but the chef (April Bloomfield? Not sure...) opened a new seafood restaurant who's name escapes me. I never ate there, but the john dory itself is a pretty ugly fish...very thin and flat, but with a very big, narrow head. Most are silvery with a black spot near the tail. Delicious if you can find it...very firm meat.

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      The John Dory closed at its original location in Chelsea and reopened at the Ace Hotel in November of 2010. The chef is indeed April Bloomfield.

    2. How long ago was this. The Patagonia Toothfish that was later marketed and nearly fished to extinction was called the familiar Chilean Sea Bass. I once bought butaguchii from a fishmonger in hawaii that said it was an ugly fish but delicious. And it was delicious.