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Jan 9, 2012 03:24 PM

Gladstone's Malibu - avoid!

My out of town guests made the mistake of going to Gladsones after visiting the Getty. On this beautiful day, it sounded like a good idea. Had I known I would have warned them. Over priced bla food an LOUSY service! How can Gladstones still be in business? So, visitors BEWARE! Avoid this place. A tourist trap if ever there is one. Yuk!

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  1. Totally agree. I went for New Years Day 2011 for their brunch and it was horrible. The location is THE only thing this place has going for it.

    1. Not sure how this is breaking news- it sucked before and after the Mayor, and his new partner.. Some spots are just lucky, despite wretched food and over-priced drinks.