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Jan 9, 2012 02:56 PM

birthday cakes

anyone have any suggestions/recommendations for a birthday cake?

my go to spots have been bakery nouveau and simply desserts, any other places that i should consider for my girlfriend's birthday this weekend?

thank you in advance.

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  1. I like the cakes (and everything else) at Sugar Bakery and Cafe on Madison.
    I've eaten more than a few slices from North Hill on 15th (they were close to work.) While many prefer the mocha or chocolate flavors, I found them too rich and dense, but I very much liked the coconut with soft yellow cake layers.

        1. simply dessert's strawberry white chocolate
          macrina's passion fruit, whisper, or lemon butter cake
          salty's white chocolate cake with raspberry sauce

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          1. re: rudyhux

            thank you all or the suggestions!

            I heard Salty's cake is great as well! will give that a go. thank you all again!