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Jan 9, 2012 02:27 PM

Chinatown fruit seasonality (cherries... in the winter??)

i bought cherries while in chinatown this weekend and was surprised to see that cherries were on every corner and at good prices! AND they're sweet! i always thought cherries were a summer fruit so am curious why they are all over chinatown.

this led me to a larger question on where all the fruit comes from. is it shipped in from asia? if that's the case, south asia is certainly temperate enough to produce cherries, but i don't think i've ever seen a cherry while i was there. is it coming from california? central/south america? anyone have any insight??

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  1. Fruits and vegetables arrive daily at Hunts Point from around the world.

    1. Just yesterday I was looking at obscenely priced cherries at a local grocery market, sighed, and regretted not eating my weight in cherries this summer - I did not want to take a chance at them being tasteless at $2632/pound (exaggeration, but slightly.) How much was it per pound in Chinatown? I would absolutely love it if I could find reasonably priced cherries year-round. I adore cherries.

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        we opted not to get them because im watching carbs, but i think they were a couple bucks a pound depending on how many pounds you were buying and from which cart when i was in the area this weekend

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              I bought a pound for $2, but there were also 3lb for $5 deals and other incarnations of around the same price

            2. I think they come from Chile. Many supermarkets have them now.

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                The blueberries from Chile were really good in December. They were as sweet and floral as any in season North Eastern US berries. The January ones have not been as good but are still better than winter blueberries in years past.

                1. re: erica

                  WF has them for $7.99 a pound!

                  1. re: erica

                    Theirs are probably a little better, i.e., no irregulars, but certainly not 5 times better!

                    1. re: Chandavkl

                      Surprisingly (or not) I noticed a number of rotten ones in the bags at WF!

                      My local street vendor also has these now..

                    2. re: erica

                      The fruit carts sell lots of "twin" cherries, which are two merged together into one. I always assumed they're cheaper because they are not wanted by grocery stores, but who knows...? I'm not defending the entire WF markup, just possibly trying to explain part of it :)

                  2. I am so glad you asked this. I had the same quesiton myself as I walked through Chinatown a couple of weeks ago. Sweet, huh? Do you recall which vendor/corner?

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                    1. re: NYCKim

                      i believe it was the lady at the corner of mulberry and canal, southeast side. the cherries don't look so pretty, but i didn't see any "twin" cherries. they were definitely sweet! there were a few that i looked at that i thought looked kind of diseased, though, so i threw them out.

                      1. re: jen223

                        LOL. That's Chinatown for you. Thanks, Jen!

                    2. Down to $1.25 to $1.50 a pound in Chinatown now, and oh so sweet. The cherries are from Chile.