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Need to use up applesauce

I need to use up at least a jar of applesauce, any ideas how? Preferably something savory as opposed to a dessert, and ideally something that won't use up a million pots and pans...

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    1. Applesauce is good with pork and cabbage. I like to saute onions, garlic, pork cutlets/medallions, and cabbage, with caraway, and then stir in some applesauce and cider vinegar at the end. Serve this stew with polenta or steamed potatoes.

      Eviscerate halves of acorn squash, stuff with combination of sauteed diced sausage, onion, bread cubes, and applesauce, and bake.

      Add applesauce when making curried winter squash soup.

      Latkes, of course.

      Applesauce freezes indefinitely.

      1. I would make duck sauce....

        1. I would just freeze it myself. But I also like it in oatmeal and in yogurt.

          1. What about using the applesauce to braise pork - for a pulled-type pork. Or a butternut squash and apple(sauce) soup?

            I found a gingercake recipe that uses applesauce. I can't wait to make it.

            1. My meatloaf contains applesauce. Let me know if you want the recipe.

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                  I'll grab it for you when I get home. It contains ground beef, applesauce, ketchup, dried sage among other things and recently I have been adding a glaze of ketchup and brown sugar.

              1. Make waffles, serve with bacon and or sausage. No need for maple syrup.

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                  Second this one. I make waffles with even less sugar than usual, fry up a bunch of sausage patties, put sausage on the waffles, top with applesauce and, voila, all food groups represented.

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                    I put the applesauce IN the batter for waffles or pancakes. I came up with the idea when a friend was recovering from a serious gastrointestinal infection and had to eat mostly carbs, but found nothing appealing. I used the applesauce instead of milk (and just egg whites). The pancakes came out very moist and tender, so I've done that ever since.

                2. So thanks for all of the ideas! A few thoughts:
                  -I have a very small freezer, and it's already full :(
                  -I can't do anything involving pork/sausage, because I keep kosher
                  -The gingercake sounds yummy, I might try that

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                    Although I don't follow a kosher diet I eat almost no pork. Applegate brand turkey bacon is quite good. Chicken sausage is a great substitute for pork.

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                      but lots of chicken sausage is still in pork casings.
                      I just really can't imagine it is so hard to eat a jar of applesauce. It is such a good snack.

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                        So it's a bit difficult to find kosher turkey bacon, but I'm sure it's delicious! As for eating straight from the jar, it gets a bit boring after a few days, and I have almost two full open jars to use up - preferably quickly because they are taking up valuable fridge space!

                    2. Add it to chicken meatballs with tarragon. Or with bacon. Then use whatever you haven't mixed into the meatballs as the base for a sauce along with shallots, wine and broth.

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                        I'm thinking bacon is not a good choice for this kosher OP.

                      2. A while back, applesauce was a popular substitution for butter or oil in baked goods, if you're a high-carb, low-fat person.

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                          I make low fat banana muffins for my kids and I throw in some applesauce to moisten them up a bit. Plus I cut back on the amount of sugar that the recipe calls for, so the applesauce adds a little sweetness to them.

                        2. Do you like sauerkraut?

                          Dice and saute in dutch oven:
                          1/2 lb. turkey bacon, 1 onion, 1 green pepper

                          Rinse (2) 27 oz or bags sauerkraut with cold water. Drain.
                          Add into dutch oven with:
                          (1) 32 oz jar Polish sauerkraut with caraway seeds
                          1 to 2 cups applesauce
                          1/2 lb. sliced mushrooms

                          Stir and bake at 325' for one hour.

                          I got this recipe from an old Polish woman I worked with about 30 years ago. She brought it for a pot luck one day, and I was hooked. She used regular bacon, but the turkey bacon would be fine in it.

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                            that sounds delicious! What is the difference between the two types of sauerkraut ( sorry if ignorant question)?

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                              I just noticed that my recipe should have said;

                              (2) 27 oz -cans- or bags sauerkraut

                              The bagged sauerkraut is crunchier, but it does have preservatives. I'm not a big fan of canned sauerkraut, I prefer it in jars, but the selection varies around the country. There aren't preservatives in the jarred kraut, because it is steam cooked.
                              Polish sauerkraut is the one with caraway seeds in it. I don't know if there are other differences, though.
                              It really is delicious. Do try it!

                          2. Make a fruit smoothie. Put it in a blender with some ginger ale and ice cubes.

                            1. incorporate into a curry as part of the liquid