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Jan 9, 2012 02:04 PM

Great "First Date" restaurants in Bridgewater/Somerville

Looking for a great "first date" type restaurant somewhere in the Bridgewater/Somerville area. My date works in Branchburg, and lives in Dover.. so we'd like to meet somewhere on his route home.

Please no seafood restaurants, but we're open to pretty much anything else!!

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  1. If are looking to impress your date and have deep pockets, Ninety Acres Restaurant in Peapack would be a good choice.

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    1. re: BigGeorge

      ... or the Pluckemin Inn. Tavern side for a more casual dinner or the dining room for a quieter and more formal evening.

    2. If you want a more casual, fun, reasonably-priced, and food-forward date, I suggest the Grub Hut in Manville. They have BBQ and Mexican food, and all of it is done very well. It's very casual, with a younger crowd, but there are often some older couples in there as well. It's BYOB, and you may get messy, but if your date is a food-lover (especially of BBQ or Mexican), they'll be very impressed. If they (or you) are a bit more conservative and looking for something more traditional, you might save this place for later in the relationship, of course! But being that I don't like to hold back, I say go with it!

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        This is a great idea! definitely looking for something a little less formal. We're both in our mid twenties, so this could be perfect!

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          Ahh, yeah, I'm also in my mid-20's, and this was the first place that came to mind for a cool date. But I'm also kind of an off-beat guy who prefers less pretentious places with awesome food (outside of special occasions...when I like all the bells and whistles). This is not candlelight ambience or "smart casual dress code" kinda's more jeans and t-shirt, tiny local place with excellent food and friendly service. And the BYOB part is also great for dates!

          1. re: SonicReducer

            very true- i think we actually decided on Stoney Brook Grille in Branchburg (or, North Branch?). I've been there before, reasonably priced, good drinks, pretty decent food... seemed pretty safe haha.

      2. SUBLIME in Gladstone. Great date spot.

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        1. re: gooter

          i've heard so many great things about this restaurant! I'll have to check it out sometime soon...

        2. Why isn't he making the arrangements himself? This does not bode well.

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          1. re: GraydonCarter

            well this date was technically a 3rd date... but our first time going out to dinner (first two "dates" were watching football at a bar). i like to pick the restaurant, usually

            1. re: bekahrose66

              I think the Stoney Brook Grille is a good selection for a 1st (or 3rd) date. I've only been there once and I would agree with your comments. My only complaint was that it was incredibly noisy in the dining area. I'm told, however, that the owners addressed this issue so perhaps it's time for a return visit.

              1. re: bekahrose66

                > i like to pick the restaurant, usually
                Then I'd agree with the first reply above. Ninty Acres or Pluckemin Inn.

                >(first two "dates" were watching football at a bar).
                Oh, this ought to be interesting.

                Let us know how it goes.

                1. re: bekahrose66

                  If you would ever consider a quiet tapas bar scene (little plates of sublime food) Somerville'sTapestre restaurant, a garden level venue about one block from Main St. Very romantic atmosphere, great cocktail service, a wide range of affordable wines paired to the cuisine and food menu selections from Spain, Greece, Italy, Morocco, etc. Sharing selections is part of the ambience and the quality of cooking is really wonderful. Casual, after work. Reservations for weekends.

                  1. re: ThanksVille

                    Tapastre is a great suggestion. I have to admit I had forgotten about this place but your post is a reminder that I need to venture back.

                    In the future, the OP might also want to check out Verve which has a super bar (and bartender!). Pretty good dining too.


                    1. re: ambrose

                      Verve is a great restaurant with a very elegant and cozy bar. Tremendous continental and American food options, well prepared. Wee bit pricier, and a bit less intimate than Tapestre but white linen first class service all the way. Parking right at the front door on Main St, in downtown Somerville across from the Courthouse. Verve is run by philanthropical community minded owner who is a very gracious host.