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Jan 9, 2012 02:02 PM

portabella or bouchee

Hi! My husband and i are coming to carmel in a couple of weeks for two nights. I am a huge foodie and have been doing some research on which restaurants to choose. I love seafood, and restaurants that do tasting menus or give you special extras (amuse bouche, etc). Last time we were in carmel we ate at l' auberge. It was good but for the price we paid (close to five hundred) it didn't really wow us. I was hoping to try marinus, but they are closed for the month of january. I think we might do passionfish one night, since i love seafood and they seem to have so many good options. I've narrowed down the second night to bouchee or portabella, but am having a tough time deciding. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback or personal experience about either of these restaurants. Thank you!!

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  1. also if anyone knows if we need to make reservations or if we could just wing it when we get there. we r going to be there on a tues and wed night next week. Thanks!

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      This post from February 2011 advises to make reservations for Bouchee.

      Bouchee has been recommended many times over the years, but not much detail recently.

    2. Sorry you aren't getting any hits on either site. Though I'm a frequent visitor to Carmel, I haven't been to either restaurant. Have you checked on Yelp?
      Also, the hot place with wonderful reviews seems to be 1833 in Monterey. You might want to check out their site.

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        Thanks so much for the response! I have checked yelp and the reviews seem good for both. I'm sure either one would be good, I'm just being picky. I'll def check 1833 though! Thanks!

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          Here's a photo essay for 1833.

          Ocean Ave, Carmel, CA 93923

          Bouchee Restaurant & Wine Bar
          , Carmel, CA 93923

          1833 Restaurant
          500 Hartnell St, Monterey, CA 93940

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            Restaurant 1833 is our new fave in Monterey! We have dined there twice. Don't miss the Bacon Cheddar Biscuits, they are amazing! We have been to both Portabella and Bouchee. Both places are very good with an edge to PortaBella for their charming ambiance. Le St. Tropez is another little gem in Carmel. Where did you end up? :)

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              We went to 1833 and it was a great choice! The ambiance was awesome and so were the food and drinks. i loved the waltz drink! We got the bone marrow and the octopus appetizer and split the mahi mahi with a side of brussel sprouts (we made the mistake of eating too big of a lunch earlier) . Everything was absolutely delicious and I cant wait to go back when we are in the area next!

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                Also loved passionfish! Their crab avocado salad was amazing! I almost wanted to order another one after my entree for dessert! Our entrees were delicious too (my husband loved the duck)!