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Jan 9, 2012 01:45 PM

Kim's Yami Sushi - Milford CT

any CHers been here yet. It is in a horrible strip mall on Bridgeport Avenue across from Napoli Italian Importing between Milford hospital and stop and shop near Robert Treat Apartments. I was getting some Chinese soup at the to-go place next door and popped in to get a menu. There was a couple dining in and one patron was Asian--a decent sign. My initial reaction was that the folks inside were very nice and friendly and the place looked decently clean and bright. AND they serve bim n bop (know I'm spelling this wrong, but it seems to be a very trendy Korean street food item that I've been hearing a lot about lately and want to try). I gave the menu to my sister who has been on a sushi kick lately, but until then, let us know what you think. Not a fancy looking place to dine-in though. Saw a Spanish looking guy leaving with a small cooler--does he buy the weekend leftovers for a discount???

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    1. Correction, it is bibimbap. Here's a link with picture. It's like deconstructed fried rice; doesn't it look good? But Korean at a sushi place?