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Jan 9, 2012 01:34 PM

Avoid Cecconi's - especially Sunday Night Supper

If you're contemplating Cecconi's Sunday Night Supper, think again. Here's what happened to us:

We made a reservation a while back for a "Sunday night supper" for two people. Normally it’s for 4 people- a great price of $50 for four people. It includes a salad, and pasta and pizza of the day. When we were seated, our waiter described all the specials including those with white truffles. Since we had made reservations for the Sunday night supper (as we had wanted to try it prior to our family coming down in a few weeks), we declined. When we told the waiter that we were there for the Sunday night supper, he said that it was only for four or more. I explained that I had mentioned it when I made the reservation. Up until this point, the waiter was courteous and friendly. When he returned, he said it was fine. We never saw him again.

The food was tasty but we were in and out of the restaurant in just over 1/2 hour. Our salad was brought and we were given two bread plates - not even salad sized plates. One minute later, our pizza arrived. In order to eat the two together, dinner plates should have been used. We had barely touched our salad (with 1/2 still in the serving dish), when our pasta arrived. We quickly dished out the remaining salad so that the plate could be taken away while the server stood waiting for us to do this.
We quickly ate the salad and pizza so that we could dish out the pasta so that it would not be cold. Our tiny plates were never changed. We dished the pasta out on them after the salad. Maybe if we had been given dinner plates, it would have been a different story- not much but just a little less offensive. Our water glasses were never refilled.

Simply put, the food was thrown at us. It was nothing less than disgusting. Add to this, the $22 valet charge (you need to use the valet as there is no parking nearby).
Needless to say, we’re not going back!

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  1. You are incorrect about parking. There is a large parking lot right next to the eden rock. Ususally full on friday and saturday but you probably could have parked there sunday.

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    1. re: tpigeon

      Thanks- didn't know about it. We wouldn't have seen it as we were going north on Collins and the parking lot would have been further up. And if it's past the Eden Roc, it would have been about a 10-minute walk. Definitely worth the walk, though. But the last time we were at the same hotel, the parking rates were nowhere near $22!

      1. re: earlie

        There's also a parking lot directly across the street in a garage.

        1. re: Blind Mind

          We won't be back but good to know if we're in the area. The problem was that I had just given the keys to the valet and he told me of the ridiculous charge. It had been a reasonable charge the last time we were there.

          But the parking is nothing compared to what happened at the meal!

    2. I agree with this description of Cecconi's Sunday Supper. But I believe our experience was even worse! The restaurant offers this type of dinner but then treats you like you're the poor cousins if you have it! Avoid, avoid, avoid! I wish we had seen this first.
      We also had the same thoughts about the parking. We had paid around $10 for the valet last time and didn't think twice but $22 for dinner! Give me a break.

      Too bad the management doesn't read this board!