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Jan 9, 2012 01:22 PM

oysters to go

Does anyone know where I can buy/order already chucked oysters to go? I will be hosting a party at my home and would like to serve oysters without having to chuck them myself. Ideally I would be able to pick up the oysters in downtown Montreal but I am willing to drive to the West Island, Laval, the South Shore, etc. if necessary. If I can get a variety of oyster types and have them come with accompanying sauces, that would be ideal but I'll gladly take any suggestions you may have.


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  1. Me think good fishmongers will prepare a seafood platter (oysters in your case).

    Contact "La Mer", Norref, Falero for prices and availability.


    1. A fish monger might be able to do it, but a simple platter might be like a burp in a hurricaine, no? Sometimes we'd shuck a dozen dozen for new years eve. With 30 people in the house, they'd be gone in 15 minutes, its less than 5/person.
      There are a couple services kicking around town where they'll supply the oysters, the shucker, and the sauces. I don't know the cost, it must be quite pricey, but if you want a full-on oyster party, I'd think thats the way to go.
      I've seen one such service advertised on business cards at Maestro SVP, and another at the Shamrock fish store near JTM (the latter is called Mother Shuckers, but I can't seem to find them on the web).

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        how do you get them home without losing the juice

      2. Overall really bad idea. Not worth the trouble and you will lose a lot of the juice which is really the point. Better to learn to shuck oysters which is really quite easy and a great skill to have if you're into oysters. If you're throwing a big event and want a large quantity and selection with shucker, Daniel Notkin / Old Port Fishing Co. is the guy to go to.

        1. Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone!

          I will look into all the fish markets suggested as I think this is my best bet... However, the prospect of loosing all the juices doesn't sound very appealing so I'll also consider chucking them myself... although I may look into a protective glove of some sort if I decide to go this way.

          Porker, to answer your concern, I plan on serving many other foods along with the oysters for the exact reason you mentioned.

          Thanks again!

          1. I think Lucille's Oyster Bar & Seafood offers oyster cases for delivery.

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              Joe Beef also offers oyster for delivery: the Rolling Oyster Bar...

              Oyster party catering available at your home, office, cottage or anywhere you can imagine. The rolling oyster bar fully stocked; with your choice of oysters, shrimp, crab, clams, cockles and winkles, lobster, with mixed sauces, lemons and full service beer or wine. Accommodating parties from 20 to 200.