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Jan 9, 2012 01:18 PM

Asian Markets Brockton Area?

Hi all - First post here but have been a ghost reader for a while.

I recently moved to Abington MA from Quincy and am shocked by the lack of Asian markets around here. Does anyone know of any in the area (rockland, abington brockton, randolph etc)? Some Google searching found Vans Asian market in Brockton but my wife driving by said it was mainly a video rental place(?). I did find the Saigon Market in Randolph which is really nice but does not carry the large containers of tofu like Kam Man or Thuan Dat in Quincy. I'm hoping to not have to drive back up to Quincy just for this stuff.

Any help would be much appreciated!!


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  1. Sorry, but the closest big asian market will be Kam Man. I have to trek there too since I live in the same area. Randolph has a strong vietnamese community but the markets are very small as well as the selections. Wonder if you can make friends with the local chinese restaurants owners to help you out since most will have alot on hand?

    On a side note: Market Basket will be opening at the Westgate Mall in Brockton this spring. Maybe you can ask them to carry big containers of tofu.

    1. not much better in Quincy. popped in 5 different "bodegas" that carry almost exclusively sugarwater in various flavors, twinkies, and scratch tickets. over in Dorchester, these same kind of stores will have stacks of tortillas freshly made in Chelsea, or Vietnamese snacks wrapped in banana leaves. even in Allston the Sunrise market had lime-leaves and thai chili peppers hiding in a fridge.

      so its a 40 minute each-way walk to thuan dat, or about half on a bike, despite all these block-away 7/11 clones that seem to be afraid to carry anything remotely out of the norm for Quincy of 20 years ago, aka scratch-tickets and twinkies!

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        a bit of research on the perplexing lack of a Quincy N asian grocer revealed a multi-year legal battle, still ongoing, with the city council continually voting no, 7-1 8-1..

        the traffic argument is the most absurd thing ive read all week. theres already a giant stop&shop, large Hannaford, huge CVS/Walgreens type stores, large liquor stores, strip-malls and a half dozen huge corporate office-park type buildings. all with huge parking lots and heavy resulting car traffic.