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Jan 9, 2012 12:41 PM

Homemade rotis/paranthas at Ananda Bazaar (new Bangladeshi market in Jax Heights)

I popped into the newly opened Ananda Bazaar (the new Bangladeshi grocery store on 74th St. in Jackson Heights) over the weekend on my way to Patel's for a grocery run and was impressed to find pretty nice looking produce -- and really lovely-looking rotis and paranthas: thin, not greasy, soft, with just enough charring. They looked much nicer than the (mass-produced) options in the freezer section at Patel's. The man running the cash register confirmed that they are indeed homemade.

They're packaged in ziplock baggies with no labeling and are stacked near the checkout counter. Ever lazy about making rotis, I took home two bags -- can't wait to try them out. :)

Ananda Bazaar
37-49 74th St, Queens, NY 11372

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  1. Wow, let me know how they are. potato parathas are one of my kids' staple foods, and we usually get a couple of packs from Tawa Foods and then about 8 packages at a time of the delicious foods brand refrigerated ones and a couple of the frozen ones from Patel's. But lately I feel like there has been a real decline in the quality of the refrigerated delicious foods ones. They're thicker and not as tender.

    Also, while the potato paratha made to eat in at Tawa Foods is amazing, the packaged ones to take home are good but not mind-blowing. Tho the packaged chicken parathas there are pretty delicious.

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      Miss Masala, tried the rotis from Ananda Bazaar last night, and they didn't disappoint. Tasted and smelled like my Punjabi mom-in-law's homemade rotis (sorry Mummy!). Thin and soft, flavorful, no grease. Even my husband was impressed -- and he can be very picky about roti.

      Tawa Nepali Hut also does quite nice rotis (or do they call them chapatis?), but these were just as good and at just over a buck for 5, a better deal.

      Didn't try the paranthas....sorry! (I'm not a huge parantha fan.) But my guess was that they were just plain paranthas...not stuffed with potato, etc. Carb attack. :)

    2. Another weekend, another grocery shopping expedition in Jackson Heights. On the way to our usual grocery source, Patel Bros., we stopped in at Ananda Bazaar to see if those awesome rotis were still on offer. They were...and we spotted a few other less commonly found South Asian carbs.

      DESI BREAD (made in NJ -- where else?) is a loaf of the kind of thickly sliced, extra-dense white bread that you'll find all over India. (It's great when amply buttered and dipped in a steaming hot cup of chai!)

      PITHA, a steamed or fried rice-flour "cake," apparently is a popular street snack or breakfast food in eastern India and Bangladesh. These are made by the same person/kitchen that makes those awesome rotis -- at least, the packaging was the same.

      These pitha are steamed and plain, so they look like idlis, but their flavor is not at all idli-like (i.e., tangy, fermented). Instead, they taste like plain white rice with a slightly burnt edge. Their texture resembles a Chinese glutinous rice cake: sticky & dense.

      A travel-ready, all-purpose carb?

      (Photos of our food finds here:


      Patel Brothers
      37-27 74th St, Queens, NY 11372

      Ananda Bazaar
      37-49 74th St, Queens, NY 11372