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Jan 9, 2012 10:49 AM

Eating on an Oahu day trip to the Windward side

My wife and I are very excited to be going to Hawaii again this year! This summer we are fitting in a short Oahu visit, staying at the Aqua Lotus by Kapiolani Park & Diamond Head for just two nights before we move on to Kauai for a week.

I want to do a day trip drive to the North Shore along the windward side. I was thinking about driving around through Kahala and Hawaii Kai past Sandy's and Makapuu up through Kailua and Kaneohe and then on up the coast to Turtle Bay and further west, probably returning to the hotel via the center of the island. Mostly this is a trip to see the island from the car, stopping at particularly nice spots, like maybe Lanikai Beach or the beach at Turtle Bay Resort.

I've done a lot of perusing of the board, but could still use some up-to-date suggestions for places to eat along this route. I was thinking of some good sashimi for lunch at a place that has some cooked fish or other stuff for my wife. We can do anything from casual and inexpensive to pricier spots and it'd be a bonus if it is close to the ocean or has a nice view. Any suggestions for places in Kailua/Kaneohe area? Any places for sashimi along the Windward shore? It'd could even be a food truck or a takeout place to take a picnic to the beach.

Also thinking of appetizers and drinks/Happy Hour on the North Shore before driving back to Waikiki area. The food at Turtle Bay Resort seems to be poor, any body have any suggestions for a comfortable place to sit and eat and drink for Happy Hour on the North Shore?

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  1. Uahi Island Grill is a very nice casual eat-in restaurant in Kailua for Pacific rim cuisine. You can also do take-out like I did. No sashimi on the menu but there's seared ahi. Perhaps you can order it extra rare.

    He'eia Pier General Store in Kailua is great for gourmet plate lunches. Casual seating but with an ocean/water view.

    And if you're in the area, don't miss Agnes for malasadas. Crunchier on the outside with creamier innards. I actually think I prefer these to Leonard's as they have more character.

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      Edit: He'eia Pier is in Kaneohe, NOT Kailua.

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        Mahalo for the recs, they all sound good and probably not places I would have found out about otherwise, thank you Miss Needle!

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          You're welcome. I hope you have a fantastic time!

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            i second hei'ia pier....and just at the border of kaneohe and kahaluu is an orange convenience store called "the hygienic store" --- pop in there real quick and grab a few of their spam musubi -- best on the island, hand down. its pretty close to he'eia pier, grab a couple for snacks later on if yer full from chowing at the pier...totally worth it.

    2. Giovanni's Shrimp Truck in North Shore with their garlic shrimp sticky rice with 2 scoops is off the chain good..they are so popular and busy that they have a new covered area with picnic tables and bathroom around back..
      I like to swing by Matsumoto shave ice..
      Da kine..