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Jan 9, 2012 10:36 AM


I just read in Anne Willan's cookbook, "best recipes for absolutely everything" (no caps in the title), that there is a Belgian way of preparing large mussels which are loaded with tomatoes, onions and cheese.

Any research I have done only mentions blue cheese in mussel recipes but I am thinking there may be other chheses that would work.

Can anyone provide a bit more information?

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  1. Is this the recipe where you'd have the cooked mussel on the half shell and top it with tomato,onion and then cheese and then melt the cheese under the grill (broiler in you're American)? If so, then any melty type cheese will do well but the Belgians would probably use one of the Dutch style cheeses (Edam, Gouda or my favourite Belgian cheese - Passendale)

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      That sounds right - there was no recipe - just a comment in passing about different ways mussels are prepared in different countries.

      I am going to make a point of finding Passendale Cheese - I have never tried it. And the Netherlands Beemster Cheese might be good too.

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        You may struggle to find Passendale outside of Flanders

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          I just may have to go to Belgium then.

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            Lovely part of the world., Miss C. We visit most years and always eat well. Fortunately many of the Flemish folk speak good English - just as well as my Dutch is very limited.

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              Some day- last year was Italy and Croatia - the food was good but nothing was particularly memorable except for the small piece of fish in Venice which cost $85.00. Memorable for the price that is. (Should have read the fine print on the menu that the 15e was for unit of weight).

              Oh well, that is the sort of thing that makes a bit of a story.

              1. re: missclawdy

                Yikes. Hope I don't have a similar Venice story to tell in a few weeks

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                  Just read the small print on the menus and I would suggest avoiding the restaurants with Waiters or the Proprietor standing outside trying to entice you.

                  The leather is lovely. I am still wish I had brought home a "man purse" for my son. He is very glad I didn't.

      2. Any of the blue-veined cheeses works. I love Roquefort.

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          Thanks - I do as well (also love St. Agur)