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Restaurant recs for dinner close to the Pantages Theatre

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Looking for good restaurant recs close to the Pantages that have great general fare (a little something for everyone) -- this is for a party of 10 with potentially different tastes.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. My first recs, Cleo or The Hungry Cat are both very close by by but you might have a hard time with seating 10 altogether. My guess would be that Delphine in the W Hotel could accommodate you as could Off Vine in their upstairs room.

      1. Many thanks for the replies and previous threads. Big help.

        1. Cleo is terrific. Definitely the first choice. I also like Delphine quite a bit, very good food and might even be a better choice if you have picky eaters. The Lexington Social Club is a great space. Food was ok. Not bad, it was good. But not great.

          1. Agree with the Cleo recs and you might also want to check out Osaka for Peruvian food. The ceviches are terrific and the space is beautiful.

            1. New in the area (within a block) are Osaka, Lexington Social House and Wood & Vine.

              Osaka is Peruvian, with a heavy Japanese influence. The menu is quite varied and the food should appeal to a broad taste spectrum. Quality of food is quite good. Nice interior design. They could put the 10 of you together at 2 tables in the side room. I found the prices to be reasonable for what you get.

              Lexington Social House and Wood & Vine serve American food (think short ribs, mac & cheese, fried chicken, fish), with Wood & Vine steering more towards shared plates, although Lexington also has shareable plates. Standouts are the flatbreads at Lexington and the fried chicken and waffles and charcuterie at W&V. Both of these places could easily accommodate a party of 10.

              Unfortunately, the Delphine,while convenient to the Pantages, is unremarkable at best. Service and food quality are not "all that" imho. Although sometimes it's fun to sit at the bar and watch the crazies getting on and off the Red Line.

              Cafe Was has closed its doors.