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Jan 9, 2012 09:58 AM

lard source in Southern Fairfield County, CT-inexpensive

I'm looking for a source of rendered lard in or around Norwalk, CT, not the supermarket 1# block crapola!. I use it for various slow cooked, economical dishes such as chicken thighs or pork confit. I'm looking for good, cheap lard not the crazy high priced stuff I see in the speciality/gourmet joints. High price defeats my purpose of making delicious dishes using inexpensive cuts. Maybe an ethnic butcher shop?
I'm willing to travel a bit to find this & maybe duck fat too.
Any suggestions?

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  1. #1 Market on Ella Grasso Boulevard [formerly just know as Boulevard) in New Haven has 1QT containers of lard. No other label than LARD on them.

    The Food Bazaar on Sylvan Ave Bridgeport (just off Rt 8) also has lard, but they are in packages. One variety is Armour Manteca (lard), but I think I remember seeing other brands.

    Duck fat? Good luck other than rendering it yourself or paying for it through the nose.

    The other way to go is get fresh pork belly & render it down. The craklin's are mighty good.

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      Thanks for oyur reply!

      I was able to buy some last evening from Los Portales grocery store in East Norwalk.
      It is leftover from their carnitas production so it definitely has some extra "flavor" to it. It was cheap, $3.00 for a quart. I'm going to use it to sous vide/confit a pork shoulder (pulled pork) for the Giants game Sunday. BTW, they have a small kitchen & a few tables where they serve food to the locals. I had great beef tacos with a Mexican Coke. I'll be back

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        I've never had food from Los Portales, but I've often been curious, since I go right by there on my way to the delicious Tacos Mexico which is just a few stores down on Fort Point.

    2. Food Bazaar in Bpt does have it(rendered pork fat) by the quart, along with the traditional packaged block o' lard.

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        Yes, I noticed it yesterday at the meat counter. Along with the chicharonnes (sic) in bulk.