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Jan 9, 2012 09:37 AM

Frist timer looking for help with dining strategy for 2.33 days!

Hokay - I am heading to NO for a conference the first week fo March. My H is coming with me for the weekend and then I will be on my own for 3 days. H is less of a foodie than I am so I am trying to put together a 'balanced' (some foodie/some less 'intimidating') plan for the part of the trip he will be with me.

We've reserved Commander's Palace for lunch on Friday @ 1:00 (Garden Room requested, and we'll arrive early for a drink), and Galitoire's for dinner on Saturday (upstairs at 8:00, we'll arrive early and see if we can wait on a downstairs table instead). Other than that I am looking for CH advice for:

- Thursday night. We land at 9:30 pm, we'll be tired but I know we'll want to hit the ground running, We're staying at the Windsor Court and I imagine my H will want to try his luck at Harrah's since it's close. Any suggestions for great cocktails or a late bite around this area?

- Friday am. We don't want to go too heavy on breakfast - maybe beignets at Cafe du Monde or perhaps we could split a half Muffaletta from Central Grocery?

- Friday dinner. I know we'll want to go late since we're lunching at CP. My H loves steak so I was thinking one of Emeril's places might work, but not sure which one. I'd also skip a steak oriented place in favour of something 'different' if they had just one new york strip on the menu! Or we could go somewhere to sit at the bar and graze if we're too full from lunch.

- Saturday am I would be up for brunch with killer Bllody Mary's somewhere, skipping lunch and then grazing at a nice happy hour before dinner at Galitroire's. OR just a simple breakfast again (the muffaletta or beginets we skipped the day before maybe?) and lunch somewhere - myabe Mr. B's for bbq shrimp?

H leaves early on Sunday and I think I'll be okay on my own - probably try Green Goddess and Coquette!

Thanks in advance for any tips you have!

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  1. Still doing research and I have come up with an alternate plan that I'd like your thougths on...

    I read on one thread that we shouldn't try to do it all and should take into consideration how we like to eat at home (in terms of frequency, size of meals, etc.) and that got me thinking that we might do better with Galitoire's for lunch on Friday (so we're not disappointed if we have to dine upstairs on Saturday evening) and CP for brunch on Saturday. We'd go later for both (say 2:00'ish) so that might still leave time for Cafe du Monde in the morning and then for dinner we could graze as we visited different places for cocktails.

    That would make our mid-day meals the largest ones and would mean we could visit CP's and Galitorie's at their best. Though it might make it hard to fit in seeing the sights. Hmmmm....

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      I'd leave Friday for Commander's and just go to Galatoire's about 4:30 on SAturday. Park yourself downstairs and linger over drinks, have a few snacks, get down to serious eating about 6:30 or so.

      1. re: hazelhurst

        Now there's an idea! I think that would give us time to hit up Mr. B's earlier in the day for BBQ shrimp and Bloody Mary's too. Thanks!

      2. re: kireland

        Muffaletta from Central - If the timing is right, grab one on the way to the airport and share with H the next day!

        In my opinion, they're even better second day!

        1. re: Monch

          Good tip. H leaves REALLY early on Sunday so I think yhe'll be packing a day old Muffaletta in his carry-on! Thanks!

          1. re: kireland

            don't forget some big ziplocks to pack your food.. they can be messy.

        2. re: kireland

          Cafe Adelaide/Swizzle Stick Bar is right behind Harrah's on Poydras, so that's your best bet for cocktails before/during/after gambling. It's owned by the same Brennan's branch as Commander's Palace.

          1. re: kukubura

            I love the Swizzle Stick Bar.Ms. Lu Brow is a great bar manager. very sweet.They've had a chef change, i hope the food is still as good, though i suspect it is as they tend to promote within.

            1. re: kukubura

              Thanks! I see they serve dinner in teh bar until 11:00 pm so that will be perfect! I am soooo looking forward to this trip!