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Jun 7, 2006 06:08 PM

A Farewell to Long Beach! Favorites You'd Miss!

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After six years, I am about to wish Long Beach a final farewell at the end of the month. Although I totally loved the city and living there, I probably won't have much occassion to be back. For that reason, I'm going to use my last few weeks there (and the fact that my kitchen will be packed up soon) to hit around some of the places I had yet to try.

Like, last night I went over to Gypsy's Cafe on Belmont Pier, not stellar, I like Open Sesame and Sunin much better, but I'm glad I got to try it out after all this time.

So LB hounds (Or the lot of ya...) what food would you most miss from Long Beach? Recs can be high end or low end!



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  1. if you haven't already, you have to try taco loco #3 on magnolia between anaheim and PCH. some of the best tacos i've ever had.

    then, of course, there's breakfast at my beloved b'n'b. mmmm. fresh strawberry pancakes.

    1. Just out of curiousity, am I the only person who eats at Phil Trani's when in Long Beach?

      I've never seen it mentioned here and always wondered if it's because I'm the only person who likes it.

      I started going there because it was a bit of a sportswriters hang out when I was in that business. I've been going ever since and like it a lot, but part of that might be due to familiarity and the familial vibe.

      Also -- from reading your posts, I thought you lived near Culver City/Mar Vista. Do I have you confused?

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      1. re: PaulF

        I've never heard of Phils... Where is it located?

        No you are not confused... I am... for the last 6 months I've been living with SO in Mar Vista. Keeping the LB place until I could 'sort some things out'. Things are sorted, I'm sick of paying a rent for a place I just visit and we got a bigger place and are now moving to CC. :)


        1. re: Dommy!

          Phil Trani's is on Long Beach Boulevard, just off the 405. I know how to get there, but not how to describe how to get there.

          Trani's used to be in San Pedro, sort of a dock worker place. Then it got moved or the family split up, something like that. It's been in Long Beach forever.

          The Los Angeles Rams used to hang our there. A generation of sportswriters hung out there, but not as much anymore.

          But it's not a sports bar.

          Phil us usually in the kitchen. He makes good beef, seafood and Italian food. More homemade than gourmet. They pour honest drinks. They sometimes have a band in the bar area on weekends, or at least they used to, and it would be something bluesy.

          Anyways, I've gone for years for comfort foot. Lots of people do. Not sure if it's a "chowhound" place, but it's a solid and reasonable.

          Welcome to the neighborhood, btw. I leave walking distance to the Tacomiendo on Inglewood.

      2. With the exception of Cambodian food, I can't think of any other cuisine you can't get---at least as good or better---anywhere else in the LA basin. I've lived in LB for more than a dozen years and love it for lots of reasons, none having to do with dining.

        Siem Reap, New Paradise, Rosemanee.

        Good luck with your move.

        1. Frenchy's.

          1. Bake 'N Broil, love everything there!

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            1. re: Michelle

              I second the Bake 'n' Broil!