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A Farewell to Long Beach! Favorites You'd Miss!

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After six years, I am about to wish Long Beach a final farewell at the end of the month. Although I totally loved the city and living there, I probably won't have much occassion to be back. For that reason, I'm going to use my last few weeks there (and the fact that my kitchen will be packed up soon) to hit around some of the places I had yet to try.

Like, last night I went over to Gypsy's Cafe on Belmont Pier, not stellar, I like Open Sesame and Sunin much better, but I'm glad I got to try it out after all this time.

So LB hounds (Or the lot of ya...) what food would you most miss from Long Beach? Recs can be high end or low end!



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  1. if you haven't already, you have to try taco loco #3 on magnolia between anaheim and PCH. some of the best tacos i've ever had.

    then, of course, there's breakfast at my beloved b'n'b. mmmm. fresh strawberry pancakes.

    1. Just out of curiousity, am I the only person who eats at Phil Trani's when in Long Beach?

      I've never seen it mentioned here and always wondered if it's because I'm the only person who likes it.

      I started going there because it was a bit of a sportswriters hang out when I was in that business. I've been going ever since and like it a lot, but part of that might be due to familiarity and the familial vibe.

      Also -- from reading your posts, I thought you lived near Culver City/Mar Vista. Do I have you confused?

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        I've never heard of Phils... Where is it located?

        No you are not confused... I am... for the last 6 months I've been living with SO in Mar Vista. Keeping the LB place until I could 'sort some things out'. Things are sorted, I'm sick of paying a rent for a place I just visit and we got a bigger place and are now moving to CC. :)


        1. re: Dommy!

          Phil Trani's is on Long Beach Boulevard, just off the 405. I know how to get there, but not how to describe how to get there.

          Trani's used to be in San Pedro, sort of a dock worker place. Then it got moved or the family split up, something like that. It's been in Long Beach forever.

          The Los Angeles Rams used to hang our there. A generation of sportswriters hung out there, but not as much anymore.

          But it's not a sports bar.

          Phil us usually in the kitchen. He makes good beef, seafood and Italian food. More homemade than gourmet. They pour honest drinks. They sometimes have a band in the bar area on weekends, or at least they used to, and it would be something bluesy.

          Anyways, I've gone for years for comfort foot. Lots of people do. Not sure if it's a "chowhound" place, but it's a solid and reasonable.

          Welcome to the neighborhood, btw. I leave walking distance to the Tacomiendo on Inglewood.

      2. With the exception of Cambodian food, I can't think of any other cuisine you can't get---at least as good or better---anywhere else in the LA basin. I've lived in LB for more than a dozen years and love it for lots of reasons, none having to do with dining.

        Siem Reap, New Paradise, Rosemanee.

        Good luck with your move.

        1. Frenchy's.

          1. Bake 'N Broil, love everything there!

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            1. re: Michelle

              I second the Bake 'n' Broil!

            2. Tiny Thai is probably the restaurant I miss the most. I forget the street it’s on, but it’s about a block or two west of LBCC. I practically grew up on the Thai food there. Best Pad Thai ever—or at least it was for the 10+ years I used to go there.

              There are comparable places in OC, but I always enjoyed my meals at Ferraro’s on the corner of Los Coyotes and Palo Verde. Good Italian with fresh ingredients—my mom would often run into the owner at the local farmer’s market.

              You already mentioned Open Sesame—good stuff.

              Good luck with the move…hope you’re staying in SoCal as I’ve always enjoyed your input on this board.

              1. a hot dog, 2 pickled eggs and peanuts with a schooner of pabst at joe jost

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                  ding ding!

                  We have a winna!

                2. I would definitely miss the burgers and fresh apricot pie at Bake & Broil, and the yummy Italian food at tiny Cafe Gazelle.

                  1. In a stretch of about two miles on Broadway, there are three places I'd recommend: Potholder Cafe (breakfast, diner food), Cafe Piccolo (Italian/California) and Star of Siam (Thai).

                    1. How about the sublime cochinita in tomatillo salsa at Enrique's (Loynes and PCH)? I would miss that.

                      Fast-food carnitas or machaca at Baja Sonora (Clark at Willow).

                      Tiny Thai just off of Carson-- always yummy.

                      Ferraro's at Los Coyotes and Palo Verde for great Brooklyn-style Sicilian specialties (mmmmm, BRACIOLA!!).

                      Christy's and Lasher's on Broadway-- superb. And maintaining the high level of quality after many years.

                      Frenchy's Bistro on Anaheim-- how can you not love restauranteurs who occupy such a humble storefront space and quietly turn out such wonderful French food?

                      Bigg's and George's on Second St.-- great tapas at the first place, unpretentious and delicious Greek at the latter.

                      Yeah, you might find as good or better in LA, but so what? Isn't it nice to have good-- even Chow-worthy-- grub close to where you live? And cheaper and without 99.44% of the attitude?!

                      1. These two have been long gone, but I still miss Bayshore Fish Market (used to be on Second Street across from Hamburger Henry's) and Justina's (also on Second, but actually on Naples Island). I understand Justina's moved downtown for a while, but is no more.

                        1. Dommy, you had me scared there - thought you were going to move to SF or somewhere far away like that! I guess if you have no real reason to go to LB then it's reasonable it'll drop off your itinerary, but I think we'd make the trek once in a while even if we had no friends there just because we like the atmosphere and the antiques/junk store shopping...and we know LOTS of places to get a good meal, even though we've not even gotten to Enrique's yet! And we've always gotta get a beer or cocktail at the V Room...

                          1. ir it's still there zanzibar and grill (right next to frenchy's bistro).

                            uncle al's for some nice fried fish sandwiches.

                            the creperie cafe on 2nd st.

                            angelo's (sp?) just off 2nd st.

                            new orleans grill on atlantic, bixby knolls.

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                            1. re: kevin

                              OK, you're nominated: can you explain to me the popularity of the crepe place on second street? obviously you've got good taste: i agree with all the rest of your choices (uncle al's!). but i've eaten at the crepe place a couple of times and found it to be really, really bad. cafeteria food bad. i know i must be missing something because of hte lines out the door. but what?

                              1. re: FED

                                it's not great, but for a crepe place it was good, and i like the fact that it's one of the better places on 2nd in the naples/belmont shore area.

                                but yes you're right it ain't close to great.

                            2. pho hong long on anaheim & redondo for pho and hole mole on obispo & 4th for mexican shrimp cocktail and fish tacos

                              1. !Low-end places!: chicken burrito (extra salsa) at Eagle Burger on Willow, across the street from CostCo.

                                Marri's Pizza, Palo Verde &...Atherton?
                                (I miss both the downtown location and
                                North LB location!)

                                Don't forget the burger hut in the gas station SE cnr of Wardlow & Atlantic. I forget what it's called.

                                Philly steak place near the Krispy Kreme by the traffic circle. The newest place on this LB list...

                                Enjoy Mar Vista, Dommy!-chan.

                                1. SUNIN!!! I think I would miss the owner's white-leather cowboy boots the most. :)

                                  1. By far, the best restuarant in all of Long Beach (imho) is Fora in Naples. Excellent menu - food ROCKS - wine list is awesome. Comfortable environment - it's the BEST!

                                    I also love the new Fringale in Naples - took over the old Bacchus restaurant. $25 a person for a prix fixe menu. Awesome french food by the folks who brought you Mistral in CDM. Getting the kinks out service-wise, but the food makes the trip worthwhile.

                                    I also adore the new restaurant behind Morry's in Naples. Expensive, but worth the trip.

                                    For Mexican, I think it would be really hard to beat Enrique's on PCH & Loynes. Their pork shank is heaven on earth.

                                    I second the recommendation for Biggs in the Shore - I go there often and you can't beat the $10 bottle of wine. I do wish they had wines by the glass - it would probably help their business.

                                    I also love Cafe Gazelle in the Shore. Hidden away on La Verne. Only has about 5-6 tables - but it rocks - I love the home-like feel of the place and you can't get much better Italian food.

                                    For sandwiches or a quick lunch on the go, Angelo's Deli is awesome. Best meatball sandwich EVER. Located in the shore on LaVerne (across from Gazelle).

                                    I frankly stay away from La Creperie - their crepes are more like pancakes - just icky. Too crowded - I just won't wait an hour for a Belmont Shore eatery. Silly. But there is a great ambience there and it is a fun place to hang out.

                                    I also WILL NEVER DINE AT BONO'S AGAIN. The place is vile - service is horrid - I never complain at a restaurant and when I finally did, the manager basically said "I can't really control what our employees do..." ?!?!?!? Horrified. I spent a pretty penny there over the last year - but never again.

                                    Finally, if you are looking for breakfast, the Coffee Cup on 4th is the BEST EVER! I love that place! :)

                                    1. as someone who moved from LB to the northeast many moons ago; two places I always go back to when visiting LB.
                                      Schooner or Later
                                      Cafe Picolo

                                      along with some great ethnic restaurants in the L.A. area.