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Jan 9, 2012 09:13 AM

Venison Sausage & Fat (help)

So I've got some venison that I am looking to turn into sausage. Most of the recipes I see call for cutting it with pork fat. I don't eat pork, so this isn't an option for me, so I need your help.

1) anyone have a suggestion on alternatives to pork fat. I've seen written a few places that beef fat is too strong a taste and will overpower the venison. I was thinking possible chicken fat or goose or duck fat (guiding the lily there?) Anyone have any thoughts on which fat to go with?

2) Does anyone have any thoughts on where to find the fat? I've found some rendered duck fat for a reasonable price, but the shipping is upwards of $45. Does anyone know where I can buy fat in the DC/Balto area? Maybe a kosher supermarket in Baltimore for schmaltz?

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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  1. This may be unexpected, but when I make sausage, I just add canola. A LOT of canola. About 2 Cups per pound of raw meat. Then I let the sausage stand overnight in the fridge -- 2/3 or more of the oil will rise to the top, which I can scrape off and use for other sausage making later.

    1. I think Duck fat would be too rich and overpowering - So my initial guess would be chicken fat. Let us know how it goes!

      1. You'll probably have more luck posting on the cooking forums than here. We use pork fat for our venison summer sausage
        , but here are some other suggestions:
        Hank Shaw knows what he's doing - here's his recipe:
        You didn't say what kind of sausage you're making (smoked? fresh? cured?)

        1. I believe Wegmans sells duck fat by the pint

          1. What kind of sausage are you going to make? We mix ours with beef fat. My parents don't eat beef outside of steaks. They pretty much live off venison, so I've made a lot of sausage.