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Jan 9, 2012 09:04 AM

Best recs for CC Restaurant Week

I always look forward to CCRW as a good excuse to try new places without breaking the budget. What are your recommendations for the best places to try for CCRW this January? I've done the requisite Zahav, Amada, Budakkan, etc. and I'm looking to try somewhere new. Thinking Pumpkin or Supper? Any recommendations are appreciated!

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  1. Supper looks like a good menu, looks like they are doing interesting stuff with it. With Pumpkin, I think I'd be more inclined to go on a normal night and skip dessert. Or do their Sunday pre fixe for $35. M Restaurant's menu also looks good.

    I'm a bit of a hater on CCRW, but some of the menus look good. When it first started, without fail 9 of 10 restaurants offered steak, chicken breast, and salmon. It was like a bad wedding meal at restaurants across the city, and rushed service to match. Seems like folks are getting more creative now.

    1. i had a great RW meal over the summer at pumpkin that left me impressed and would recommend for RW again in the future. no skimp on portions, dummied down RW menu, or quality of execution. if it matters at all to you, they told us their RW menu is compiled of diner's favorites from the season's rotating menu.

      i did RW at supper a few years ago and haven't been back. food was fine, except for a very tough piece of meat (can't remember what specifically) and left disappointed in the overall RW experience. that was a while ago, though.

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        Seeing as I am not a big fan of RW but am in town that week, what's a good place to try that is *not* part of RW? I was thinking Osteria but was wondring if anyone else had any ideas for a nice meal. Any cuisine is fine except not looking to do Old School Italian, Mexican, or Indian, and not going to go the Chinatown route.

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          Try some East Passyunk Ave restaurants -- Stateside, Fond, Le Virtu are all excellent.

          Also, I don't think Matyson does restaurant week but has something more akin to their weekly tasting menus instead.

      2. I was very impressed with Meritage during Restaurant Week, the last time I did it. And they also offered selections a la carte from their regular menu, so it worked out really well with me doing the RW special and my dining partner ordering 4 courses separately.

        I'd advise definitely checking prices and comparing what's offered for RW vs. what's offered normally. At a lot of places it's really not much of a discount at all, depending on what you'd normally order, plus you have to deal with the crowds and often rushed service.